Corruption in Kenya

I’ve just heard that we’ve risen from position 146 to 133 in the TI corruption index with no significant change in the score. I just think that it means more countries have pulled up their socks and become ‘corrupter’. Now, I think most of us have come to accept corruption as a way of life and in some cases an important evil e.g. when getting out of traffic offences or expediting service delivery from GoK offices. The only issue then is where do these proceeds of corruption go. I loved @mikel 's, @eddy mahelo ‘s and @Alpha Canis Majoris’ perspectives in the quoted comments. To sum it up it seems that we’ve accepted corruption but the beneficiaries of the vice do not know what to do with their ill-gotten wealth for the benefit of the majority/economy. At least I can thank Kiraitu for using his share of anglo leasing loot to build a hotel in Nkubu and Makutano which have created many jobs. On the flipside he’s also now building a mall in Meru Town. Ni ugonjwa.

Meanwhile let’s fuck them whether we met them at the mall, hotel, bar or brothel. Pussy needs servicing and we men are much obliged.

sanasana wana.invest kwa makunguru effidens iko instagrama

What makes you think the beneficiaries of looting care about the majority when they have just stolen from the majority by looting?