corruption and government malaise

Of late we have been treated to a cacophony of corruption cases. This got me thinking of the back and forth we keep on going on issues pertaining to corruption. My opinion is until we the educated class/the middle class with all our suits, I-pads,classy shoes etc set up a date(s) and descend on the streets and demand a corruption free government and prosecution of the corrupt that are destroying the whole society,nothing will change. The government only uses the marginalized folk for votes but doesn’t listen to their cries since they don’t have the financial clout that remits income tax,vat and all the monies the govt needs to run the country. However, the middle class puts the government afloat but most of us are too aloof to take part in demos etc since our lives are comfortable. On the other hand, we complain of high insecurity which is an indirect result of corruption and misgovernance. Until the middle class of Kenya rise from their chairs, and drop their hashtags and descend on the streets demanding for accountability, the government will always be reluctant when it comes to tackling corruption just like the US government was reluctant to deal with racism until the likes of MLK led men and women of all walks of life to demand for their rights. In short, the future of Kenya should be influenced by the middle class since their clout and position in society means that the government cannot afford to ignore them anything short of that is asking for a benevolent dictator in the mould of Kagame to shape us.

there is no middle class its either you have money or you dont.On corruption the ball is in the presidents court.

make that date mukuje uhuru park tuwakamue mikia

More education on corruption is need so that common citizens understand what corruption is and how it affects them.
Even the so called middle class doesn’t understand what is corruption and how it affects them.
No wonder they are not interested in joining demos.

That is only the way my friens…did u see what happened in France where the country came to a standstill due to the death of less than five journalists? that is how you effect change. The president might be willing to tackle this thing but may be he is fearing the political costs of it just like Raila suffered the political cost of saving Mau. However, if the middle class is proactive things can really turn on around.

If you’re comfortable you will not want to engage in any activity that might disrupt your seat of comfort.


Kenya is a unique country .the moment a demo is called.the so called middle class will be split according to political affliations.we are our greatest enemy .so corruption is here to stay,accept and move on,if you get the chance to eat,eat big

Corruption has always been there and has probably been bigger and bolder before. The big media, big business, and the government both exist to exploit the people, only that a recent disagreement and fallout has made them go to war and their friendship is on the rocks now. What you are hearing is not news on rise in the level of corruption, it is the sound of the media’s artillery fire and rifle reports as the war on and punishment of an unfriendly government picks momentum.

The media is there to keep the middle class aloof. After all, nobody wants to be seen as an enemy to the working class. If you control this group, then you got everyone. Why dont you ask yourself why “WE WERE ONE” on televisions, newspapers and radio during Westgate but we have never been one during Tana River where hundreds would be massacred everyday or during the recent Mandera massacres. When the middle class or the rich are threatened utaskia makelele. Media peddles what the middle class is concerned about so that the people with buying power hang on to screens to be told that they need to buy this or buy that even if its of no use to them(Ad), or to be told who to vote for so that their evil axis of power is sustained.


Thus folks should try to think critically and try to do things the way they deem fit after critical musing. The media is a facade and reality is concealed. People should be awakened and take action, first in their individual lives then consequently in the community and larger society. The masses sometimes ignore their formidable power that can trigger change.

To the majority of poor Kenyans, corruption is a ‘remote’ crime, often viewed as ‘victimless’ and hence not bad enough to attract outrage. The other thing is that due to poverty, most can not conceptualize in their minds how big a billion, for instance, is. And thus corruption running into billions of shillings is just that: words.

PS: you are not a billion seconds old until you are 32 years of age.


The corrupt have outgunned the rest of us, both in numbers and resources. There is no need to blame the president for a culture that has taken deep roots for more than five decades. Whatever is revealed through the media is just a few selected cases meant to embarrass the government. Fact: In the entire country, no tender or contract is awarded without some form of facilitation inducements. As a result, formal businesses from outside find it very difficult to set up shop locally.Consequently, we have to make do with mediocre businesses of all kinds whose only competence lies in compromising order and the rule of law.

You can tell this but most Kenyans don’t.
Nobody blames the President but he can try do something about it.
Kibaki tried to revive the infrastructure expansion in Kenya
I think it is good for a President to leave something that is synonymous to their term in office.

The world is like that everywhere. There is no place where the masses have emancipated themselves from the grip of their masters. The slave/master relationship is perpetual, only at different levels and using different methods at different times.

Thats suicidal to the children on fortune. Its never gonna happen, it hasnt happened anywhere. At school, no one teaches you how to recognise people taking advantage of you, how to be self reliant, and such. You are socialized on how to obey, not question, submit, and such.

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I agree on that and also life teaches you to take advantages of things or situations so one can decide to educate the masses

No use complaining about something we all engage in everyday.
We offer bribes to traffic cops, clamping guys etc.

Really, how many here, if faced with a situation where you either bribe with 5k or spend the rest of the day in court proving your innocence with prospects of 50k fine or 6 months in jail, would choose to go to court?

Corruption is here to stay.

Actually the court system is a huge catalyst to corruption. If I had the powers, I would put a magistrate in every police station, directly or remotely, and ensure that all minor cases are filed within hours. The torturous path between the police station and the court is what encourages most people to choose the easiest way out.


Like i said a better understanding of what corruption is needed.
Some people who give bribe will never agree that is corruption but the order of things in their daily life