Corrupt Kidero Wants Homa Bay Governorship In 2020...Revolving Door Of Criminals

[SIZE=7]Evans Kidero to vie for Homa Bay governor post in 2022[/SIZE]
Saturday, January 09, 2021


Former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero (centre) prays with religious leaders at Agoro Sare Seventh Day Adventist Church in Kasipul Constituency, Homa Bay County, on January 9, 2021.

Kidero has officially declared interest in the Homa Bay governor office in the 2022 General Election.

Dr Kidero has pitched camp in the county governed by Mr Cyprian Awiti since Thursday evening, holding meetings with various groups as he starts seeking support.

So far, his bid has caught the attention of a number of professionals and politicians, including former Homa Bay Trade executive Carelus Ademba, former Homa Bay governor aspirant Enosh Bolo, former Kibiri ward MCA Kennedy Ondiek and Prof Jane Konditi.

The team has already started asking for votes, with Mr Ademba saying Dr Kidero will transform Homa Bay.

On Thursday, Dr Kidero held meetings in Karachuonyo, Kasipul, Rangwe and Kabondo Kasipul constituencies with residents in attendance.

The meetings took place at the homes of former Karachuonyo MP Phoebe Asiyo and the late University of Nairobi lecturer Ken Ouko.

[SIZE=6]ODM an option[/SIZE]
On Saturday, the politician attended a prayer service at Agoro Sare Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Oyugis Town, Kasipul Constituency, where he asked for prayers as he seeks to take over from Mr Awiti.

Earlier, while on the way to church from his home in Asumbi, Rangwe Constituency, he made several stops at trading centres along Oyugis-Rodi Kopany road and spoke to the people, asking them to consider electing him their governor.

At the trading centres in Nyawita and Nyangiela, the former Mumias Sugar company boss gave out 2021 calendars with his picture to residents.

The calendars also have a picture of an orange, which shows he may consider vying under the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), whose leader is Raila Odinga.

Featured messages include “Homa Bay menyien” (loosely translated to ‘new Homa Bay’) and “Homabechwa gi Kidechwa” (Our Homa Bay our Kidero).

Dr Kidero’s convoy of high-end vehicles, led by police cars with sirens on, made several other stops in Karabok, Kosele, Kendu Bay, Kadel and Homa Bay Town.

[SIZE=6]Big dream[/SIZE]
Dr Kidero served as Nairobi governor from 2013 to 2017, when Mike Sonko defeated him in the election.

He said his decision to contest in Homa Bay arose from his dream of serving the people in his rural home.

The politician declined to give details when he was asked about the move from the capital city to Homa Bay.

Last week, however, a group of elders from Kochia, Gem and Kagan pushed Dr Kidero to vie for the seat, saying they want their son to be the county’s next leader.

At the trading centres and in his local dialect, Dr Kidero promised to create jobs for the youth should he win the position.

“Homa Bay used to have a cotton factory which collapsed. I will review cotton farming to create jobs for the youth,” he said.

He added that he will transform the health sector and improve sanitation.

The politician also drummed up support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

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Let Kidero be. With more money than the county itself, his running is a win win for Homabay. Besides, no court has ever found him guilty of any corruption in the land, ama?

How exactly is it a win-win for Homa Bay?? Explain (10 marks)

Above all appear pious

Devolution and the new brand of Politics is very good. Luo Nyanza that was led by serious leaders of great character and integrity has now become playground for criminals and neer do gooders.

Homabay Gubernatorial Aspirants include Kidero wa Mumias, Jared kiasa of Gold, and Gladys Wanga a “businesswoman”

-Kidero is an experienced governor and experienced sugar industry executive. HomaBay county needs both (2 points)
-Kidero has no need to dip into County coffers since he is of immense wealth (2 points)
-Kidero is a self made businessman in the league of Humphrey Kariuki, Jos Konzolo and Chris Kirubbs. I am told he rose up from the ashes of Ololo, made his initial money in real estate hapo Kasarani with real savings from his hustle as a phamaceutical rep for Johnson and Johnson. Then hit the jackpot importing sugar into Kenya, Ug and Sudan plus Northern TZ (3 points)
-Married to a top notch formerly US based professor with a well established development record and business contacts useful for HomaBay (2 points)
-Kidero has a direct line to Jayden, RAO and the who is who in Kenya. That is an asset for any county (2 points)

Any other questions mwalimu :):slight_smile:

Kuna umbwa zita amka asubuhi kuvotia hii umbwa !

Dr Kidero promised to create jobs for the youth should he win the position.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D funniest shiit i have read this week. but he has the billions to campaign consistently for two years and win and loot the coffers dry then divide the loot with jakuon

Kidero and ilk niliskia wako na 130+ properties (flats and apartments) in Nairobi , kajiado and Kiambu counties (I know of 10 ,worked in 3).All built during his tenure as Nairobi Governer . Watu wa jaba base husema alikuwa ana clear 40 million daily @shityhole …but who I’m I to know . Thaaaat big skycrapper karibu na parliament ni Yao pia . Alafu they are very big in transport sukari and ethanol( 2nd generation liquor ) - moonwalker brand ni zao . Giant stories right there

You are the guys who convinced us to elect uhuru because he was too rich to steal…look where that got us

0/10. You have been sentenced to Cell Block D where Atwoli and Jamba Huthu are residents. They will welcome you shortly.

-Kidero was helped rundown Mumias, neither was he good for Kanairo.
-You also said Jayden was wealthy hence he wouldn’t steal.
-I don’t know about number 3.
-He was married while at Mumias and Nairobi, why would things be different!?
-The two BBIlists aren’t even good for the country, How will they be an asset for the county if their plans are anti devolution?

Are you by any means related or affiliated to Kidero?

The fact that you still have guys defending Kidero tells you why we have the kind of leaders we do. Yaani even after the auditor genrals reports and the kiamba and wainaina exposes, guys still can’t get it. Eish!

Heck NO!!! The man has been a public figure in and out of court several times. His dossier is out there for any curious mind to read, and all the stuff I wrote is a result of piecing the public info together. I can tell you quite a bit about Sonko, Jaydo and RAO. I am not related to them.

I do not support Kidero. But I admire the way he apparently rose from “humble beginnings” to be a financial magnet. As for his “crimes”, I am neither a prosecutor nor a judge. Besides, why focus on Kidero when 90 percent of Kenyan leaders have some questionable financial history

This is the symbolic definition of the life of all our Kideros…


Kidero: More money more problems…The tens of prime plots he bought - in Kilimani Kileleshwa et al - with stolen loot …the tears of Mumias farmers …haendi mahali. It looks like he lacks the political nuances that got jailbirds like Sonko out of jail. Kidero needs a good political strategist to iron out the little issues that cause Kenyan sleuths to haul him to court whenever they feel like. He has the money and can afford to get the police off his back. But he will waste a good chunk of that money bribing lawyers, cops and judges. For the next few years itabidi azoee makesi. There are no clean getaways when you loot that much. You can’t loot 10+ billion and get out clean. Is this life one would prefer given choices?

This is what is wrong with most Kenyans, kwa hiyo because sio yeye pekee you are now justifying stealing!!!

hata waititu is vying, they’re our crooks then we expect transformation
we’re doomed, look at the line up fronted by dynasties vs hustlers, all crooks, kila mtu anasema they’ve never been convicted which is true, no courts in kenya has ever convicted a big fish for corruption. They deliberately put that clause in the constitution knowing very well conviction will never happen. hustlers vs dynasties is essentially picking the smarter crook .

Because they all know that once one pays Raila, they are instantly sanitised

Only the courts can save the situation. If you have a charge that includes theft of public resources, you shouldn’t be fit to hold public office. But you know how it goes in there.

There is also the issue that wananchi now look for handouts and not superior character