Location: Wuhan China

Estimated infections: 75,000

Method of transmission: Airborne

Cure: Unknown

Geometric Progression: 100,000 new infections per week

Fatalities: Almost 3,000

Death rate: 2.3%
Known Cases

Mainland China: 72,438
Diamond Princess ship: 542 (according to the Times)
Thailand: 35
Japan: 66
Singapore: 77
Hong Kong: 61
South Korea: 31
Taiwan: 22
Australia: 15
Malaysia: 22
Germany: 16
Vietnam: 16
Macau: 10
U.S.: 15
France: 12
United Arab Emirates: 9
Canada: 8
Italy: 3
Russia: 2
UK: 9
Philippines: 3
Cambodia: 1
India: 3
Belgium: 1
Finland: 1
Nepal: 1
Spain: 2
Sri Lanka: 1
Sweden: 1
Egypt: 1

My Jua Kali Opinion: This thing is already beyond quarantine stage. Quarantining victims will only slow the progression, but not stop it. They better find a cure FAST otherwise we are looking at a modern version of the Black Plague. At 2.3% fatality rate, that’s 161 million people in the world :eek: and the fatality rate may increase even to 100% because those who are already infected have not been cured yet.

I believe Kenyatalk kuna some very educated people, probably hata doctors and nurses. They should chip in watuambie how bad this mess is, from a professional point of view.

I thought that 2% fatality rate is mostly the people with preexisting conditions, those whose immunity is already compromised, itaisha tu, if ebola is under control

If it has no cure, the fatality rate is therefore unknown. Hiyo 2.3% ni fatalities so far. Wenye wako nayo bado hawajapona. It may be a slow killer, but a killer nonetheless as long as the cure is unknown.

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remember SARS virus? it was kept under control… but what perplexes me is that this thing is avoiding Africa… Buddha really loves us

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Maybe it’s running a beta test around the world before the final build gets here and wreaks havoc.

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South America, New Zealand .

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Covid19 is worse than Ebola. It is transmitted more efficiently via respiratory droplets and contact. Covid19 is also more contagious than SARS and MERS although it has a lower fatality rate. However, it’s difficult to know the real mortality rate because China has not been forthcoming with details. They have refused assistance from WHO or any other nation; certainly the US has been barred from chipping in. The world is due for a pandemic though. Every 100 years there’s a plague that kills thousands to millions of people. Look it up. 1720, 1820, 1920 and now 2020. I’m watching a documentary on Netflix called Pandemic: How to prevent an outbreak. It was eerily released in Jan 2020. They talk about how it’s just a matter of when, not if, a devastating flu pandemic will cause death on the scale of millions of people. Flu pandemics are transmitted from wildlife → domestic animals → humans. The reason they are so deadly is because humans don’t have immunity towards the flu strains which affect wildlife. Take for example the yearly influenza vaccine, which isn’t perfect but the way they’re able to predict which strain of flu will dominate during a particular season is by swabbing migratory birds to see which strain is affecting them and then modeling a vaccine to counteract it. It’s a bit of guesswork.

Let’s say a migratory bird flies over a chicken farm and this wild bird that has bird flu poops over it. A farm worker can transmit the virus with his shoes if he steps on the poop and forgets to clean the sole of his boots. That’s one way transmission between wildlife and domestic animals or wildlife to humans occurs. Never in history have we had the sort of large scale farming of chicken or pigs, which increases the possibility of us acquiring a deadly flu that we have never seen before or have immunity against. Moreover, as long as the Chinese keep eating flu infected bats and pangolins the world is in for a rough ride.

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