Corona virus scourge evidence in TZ.

The Melinda Gates prophecy of corpses littering Africa is coming to pass in TZ. In as much as Megafool tries so much to hide the magnitude of the disease in the East African nation, he forgot to consor or maybe lock down social media which is now the new media.ukweli haufichwi kamwe

Is there any proof the deaths are caused by covid-19?

Inaitwa propaganda…if you were sick enough to collapse in the streets what were you doing taking a stroll or riding ard?

They can’t hardly wait for this so any indicator get them juiced up like shit. No time to validate.

lack of exposure ni kitu mbaya sana upto now there are people who havent seen or actually know someone with covid 19

There is a Reason the national Security advised Uhuru to close the border knowing very well there will be trade c consequences. Tz is infested to the core.

a very tough time to be Tanzanian…imagine if a drunkard passes out on the streets he is immediately branded covid 19 victim

50% could be infected. However 99% of the infections are mild.

The irony in your statement since at the end of day someone dropped dead…

Hizi video si ni mzee sana,

Upus maybe it’s your brain’s infected

I don’t think, any death now is COVID-19 death…

What you guy’s are saying, is that .ke has done a tremendous job in ensuring the spread of the virus ?

mwizi akipigwa risasi na karao sasa inasemekani ni korona ?

Hii ni propaganda unless we are given proof,zinaeza kuwa some stunts ya kulala kwa barabara

Watanzania wanatumia camera ya itel bado video zote quality mbovu

Let’s wish them well

hizi tuliona emilio akiwa president

Why are Kenyans not dropping dead in the streets? Kwani hapa Kenya tume-quarantine wote ambao wa Korona?

Having said that, TZ needs to investigate the cases of people sudenly dropping dead in the streets like this. Maybe it’s Corona, but it could also be something else.

Hizo video niliona around march