Corona virus i think is a blessing

We could not sleep on sartudays as @Maombi hodari and the gang would piga kesha the whole night and at 12 am they have a spiritual break to attend to their horny bodies needs.
Today we are enjoying quietness and calm all the night .noise pollution has reduced by 99%. I think churches and all those noisy things including pubs should be closed parmanently.Am sure God is glad that hypocrites who would jump from brothels on Sarto to repent in those churches on Sunday in a routine like timetable are now curfewed in their houses.
Heard even sea animals are jumping out of water due to the calm and turtles basking in white Hawaii sands with no worry which was impossible as humans would swim urinating in water and also facking making the pH of the ocean water near beaches untolarable.
God is good all the time

Hapo ume dinya point #matakombaya

I tremble at the thought of churches being closed. i hope you understand what it means to God

Wale wa kukaa nyumbani ndio wakora. Shikilia imani yako, mambo ya clubs wachana nayo. Clubs are operating even while indoors.

God allowed it ,coz am sure he was tired by homo hypocrites in churches and greed of the same

This covid19 is from the devil. But thank God the evil plan of the devil has been stopped.

  1. God will never close churches to prevent people from worshipping Him, there are genuine churches as much as there are non genuine churches . In the church the presence of God dwells, its a place where the hopless get hope, where the sick get healing .

  2. Social distancing is evil. Human beings are social beings, we learn, strength ourselves when we interact. You have heard of increased mental illness among the youths during this covid19 fiasco. Thats why God created eve for adam. You cannot live alone.

  3. if you read your bible very well, you will know its the evil spirit that will try to prevent the church from worshipping God. Disciples of Jesus went through much persecution and so did paul.

  4. Not everything you see is all to it. Everything gets established in the spiritual realm that you cannot see.

Those churches are full of serial sinners and hypocrites anyway.

The issue is not that they are closed. But that we have kept commercial entities open and closed churches. Meaning Corona is only spread in His house. Not in Matatus… supermarkets…banks…parks…people fight for the right to run and jog but not to pray. That is the problem. That is the insult. That is the Golden Calf. That is the system of money changers at the temple. That is the beginning of the Abomination. That is the beginning of the persecution of these times. Where ukisema unataka kuenda Kanisa you are a retard. Anti Science. A fool.

As if churches are not commercial entities…ndo maana nimesema Christians are hypocrites of the highest order…

Churches nowadays are in it for business purposes only…money!!

You choose to highlight the bad ones. It is a human trait. Not unique to you. Just like in the original post the tale was of folk leaving brothels headed to church. Forgetting that many do not follow such a path. And so for the sins of the few you blanket ALL Christians as hypocrites. At this point it would be good to also point out that in all honesty Church is full of sinners seeking redemption. HE came to call sinners not the righteous. Words that may be lost on you but whose truth is Eternal.

Honestly, I hope they take their time to reopen the churches

Religion needs to fade in importance in Kenya, hii habit wakenya wakonayo ya kusema “we leave it all to god” needs to die