Corona- some old articles I stumbled upon

Restudying science in quarantine so teaching myself how to interpret peer reviewed documents.
I am specifically looking at the theory Chloroquine+Antibiotic + Zinc Supplement combo prescription some say is a cure.

  1. This article from 2014 says chloroquine Is a zinc ionophore. That is it enhances zinc uptake in cells.

  2. This one from 2010 says
    Increasing zinc intracellular concentration can impair replication of some RNA viruses. Corona is a RNA virus.

Zinc is also present in aphrodisiac food, and also widely used in sexual enhancement supplements.
Pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc in our diet.

so basically we should have more zinc intake…ama?

Caution is needed though.

So unasema malenge inaeza tumika kumanage corona?

That’s a really bad way to jump into conclusions. Don’t go and order a gunia of seeds. Don’t be like those Nigerians who drunk gallons of chloroquine after Trump suggested it’s being used in treating.

I’ll be selling the seeds. Lol

Zinc inapatikana kwa chakula kibao sana ( ) na sio supplements 2… so hebu chekini food ziko na Zinc na mdish… Next mtasikia Selenium… na kadhalika… muhimu nikudish food vipoa…

You need a chemical to push it into the cell and the only one that has a track history is chloroquine.