Wangwana I need to upgrade my editing tech with a core i7 machine. Possibly refurbished. Any suggestion of a shop or a person selling at a cost effective price is appreciated.

Buy Mo computers, affordable prices for desktops.

@syndicate kuja hapa…shenji.

Njoron computers afya cooperative house

uko na 110?
dell workstation, aluminum body with bronze finish, core i7-4800mq, upgradable pga947 socket, 16gb ram expandable to 32. , backlit keyboard, independent upgradable nvidia quadro k1100m, 15.6inch 4k resolution ips, 256 ssd. this is the most powerful portable professional machine of its generation (tested). clean. no scratches or scuffs. Its mine. used for 3months. hutapata hiyo spec pengine na hiyo bei.

Way high. But thanks

Where’s is it located?

Kimathi Chambers, Kimathi St.

How dare you sell a 4th gen processor for that amount of money? That processor is weaker than a 7th generation i5.
The fact that it has a 4th gen i7 means that it’s RAM is very slow. Ni ddr3. What’s the clock rates of that RAM? The Dedicated GPU is even older.

For 110K,he could get a gaming machine with a i7 8__H, 16GB ddr4 RAM, a Nvidia GTX 1050TI and a 1TB HDD. Na hiyo ni hapa Kenya

Pale Amazon, anapata a 512GB SSD, a 1080 TI at a cheaper price.

Angalia Best sella pale kwa site na Facebook . Wako Kimathi st pia.
Do you want a laptop or a dektop.

Pea mimi your budget no matter how small nikutafutie machine. I have seen crazy deals on it.

Like I said, quote your budget. Do you want a laptop or a desktop? Why have you not looked up on Amazon then imported it using Kentex? It is surprising easy. And it will be cheaper and you will get a much powerful machine than you could ever imagine!
Anyway, I got pics from Bestsellers facebook. You should visit them. They jave both new and refurbished computers[ATTACH=full]253673[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]253674[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]253671[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]253672[/ATTACH]

you could always upgrade your pc,for me i found it cheaper to buy new components to improve my performance,

eg replace cd rom with hdd caddy with ssd,this improves memory related operations ,ssd read and write speed are very high
you could also increase the RAM

if still performance is slow you can replace processor chip with a new one ,

you can be suprised at how much this can improve your performance

when it comes to desktops,i think 110k ni mingi sana,you could look into the possibility of building your own incase you need a high performance

research which components will accomodate your needs
eg you can start with a gigabit motherboard,a casing,powersupply,ssd/hdd choice,zinunue moja moja and fit them in

just a suggestion

if it’s picture/ video editing you want, you don’t need a core i7 more than you need a good gpu.

Niaje nko na lenovo y410p gaming laptop. Iko na 4gb ram 500gb. Core i7. With red backlit keyboard. Dual processor ya 2.4 2.4.nvidia graphics card 2gb. At call tubonge 0776528526

The lenovo y410p. Core i7 with 2gb nvidia graphics card. 32k

True especially if you have not maxed out on your motherboard capabilities yet.if your pc motherboard supports faster NVME ssd get a small one for boot.

Ingia pale OLX, gauge the prices, alafu tembelea maduka ukiwa na idea unataka nini for what prices. Another caveat, apana nunua kwa zile vibanda kidogo kidogo. Buy from a shop that has enough stock to honour its warranty. If you search hard enough, 15 k should get you a basic i7 machine with all the functionality a peasant needs and deserves.

This a ripoff eBay gaming laptop you can get a good one with 550-750 USD. KenTex shipping wakukamue less than 5k.

Thanks. I found one with mwanakijiji

Thanks. I needed a desktop