Core Banking Solutions in Kenyan Banks

Gurus, I need to know the core banking softwares used by majority of the Kenyan banks. Anyone anaeza kuwa anafahamu, kindly share

Market leader is Temenos,

you script kiddy no luck. meffi. hack jamii bora they use, wacha tu.

T24 - Temenos and Flex Cube

Microsoft Dynamics Navision.


its a cocktail and no one can tell you whats the major system being used by banks. Depends on the size and the monies the bank was/is will to fork for a CBS. Better yet you can group them in terms of the tier systems that the CBK has categorized them in.
KCB - T24 (Terminos)
Equity - Finacle v10


The various systems in use are as follows:

  1. Temenos 24 (market leader) used by the biggest bank amongst others and latest acquirer being Unaitas. Current stable version is 16
  2. Finnacle (second market leader) used by mwiguithania and others (esp indian backed banks)
  3. BankMaster (An old file based system but secure - Stanbic)
  4. Bankers Realm - from craft silicon (Unaitas moved from it to T24)
  5. Fusion Banking (BFUB) - National bank
  6. Ecletics eBank System - for saccos

Number 4 and 6 are locally supplied

Thank you

Very nice. Thank you.

Soon utasikia kuna bank imepigwa tero covertly…Following…


That bankers Realm is hacked at the back office by Admins. Some guy told me that they can stop interest on the loan you end up paying the Principal amount only

Hehe, they never talk about it, that means hautaskia iyo maneno anywhere

Now this is interesting…any idea which banks still using it??

iMAL core banking solution used at FCB

Some Sacco I know