This wanton destruction is so wrong, the Government should take stock of all the losses that have been caused by the Demos and slap a hefty bill on CORD. and it should not be less than a couple billions.
This way watajichuna maskio.

Like the time Gor Mahia were forced to pay for the damaged matatus after a loss.

Any business man will find it hard to fund cord come 2017

funding ya odm is from coast/N.E smugglers, drug lords, conmen looking for protection and money candidates who buy the party ticket to avoid open nomination.


Wanjigi 007 can fund the whole Cord operations

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Boss I belong in that lot and my boss funds both divides of politics but this time it’s different

Wanjigi is a peasant…kuna watu wako na pesa boss


His time is up. His many enemies are circling waiting for his impending fall and his rivals are posed to take advantage.

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The way you talk about wanjigi one would think he is pablo escobar yet the first time i heard of him was during jj burial… .can someone pls explain to me why he is so feared.

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Mee too

Thats the point, no one has info about him.

listen to BIG’s Ten Crack Commandments

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How is this related to my question???..I am yet to get an answer.

Wanjigi ni bigwig. He made Jeff Koinange na Tony Gachoka spend a night in police cells, sometimes ago. Hataki kutajatajwa hadharani. They paid for it

This is vague, anyone with" small money" could have done that!!! I want know what is the extent of his financial,political,under world influence and shit!

you should know people. Jimmy is no small timer. son to a former m.p starehe and cabinet minister, a nephew to a former p.s treasury, former classmate to gideon moi etc. this guy is the godfather of tenderprenuers with his hands in every major cookie jar in kenya since goldenberg all through to angloleasing and nys.

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Typical Kenyans…sir this does not answer my question in any way…just because you we’re classmates with Gideon moi and all the shit you mentioned it’s not enough to explain why you guys have put him on such a “pedestal”…

I have not put him on a pedestal. I was showing you his links and source of cash. being close to giddy in moi’s days was guarantee for riches unless you were a complete fool. jamaa ako ja doh hio najua

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think about it like this; the guy has retained his tentacles in three administrations and in every major scandal. how did he do that? it took his other former schoolmate uhunye to cut off his tentacles hence his bitterness with the govt and setting jj up to hit ruto