Cool afternoon Reggae

It’s time to cool the temperatures ndani ya hii kijiji. Lets listen to some cool running reggae …

Ongezea zingine cc @Waithelelo @Meria Mata @wildfrank @culture @uwesmakende (though wewe tunajua ni mujamaa wa isikuti)

Dedicated to mc patoka na wale wote wame tu toka

Apparently my service provider disconnected my internet due to some arrears… Washa tumalizane nkuje nkiwa wote

Watching Ital vibes @gikuyu TV.

Brilliant Pale muranga road Ngara, sweet memories.

Kush, I escort you now with my fav reggae artist of all times…memories kiasi. Raves at UoN - 1st year.

Hapo sawa swts … dunga hii hapo nyuma yake

Hun, I am gonna leave you with this one. This one made me fall in love with you, will always remind me of you and you know why. Na nimesikiza the one above na nikanyita message.

Nataka kuenda pub sasa.

@Bingi…shika the maestro na usinitupe sana

@kush yule mnono this might help you understand me somehow. Gosh it takes me back. My bro is a big Doba lover so this used to play in his room. There is a way my friends and I dance to raga. It feels so good. He taught us. A bit like Maathai’s avator.

This one is for my ngeo Jules in SA…know you is reading me as you is naughty as fe’rk…tembeza mastiletto mzuri kairetu…we look up to you sana. Bold go getter and you know I owe you biiiiiig. Uziwa your Chivas Regal on me, the full bottle. Looking forward to catching up in Dec you silly cow.

Mlebo hapo nmekuelewa sana, shika hio

Kulia wa Waithelelo, you got me hun. This is one of my favs. Nitakuimbia kwa simu word for word.