Where can I buy a good cooker at an affordable price?

Looking for a beko or ariston cooker - budget 35 -40k.

@Electronics4u has Brekko and [SIZE=1]jennifer [/SIZE][SIZE=5]ariston cookers? [/SIZE]


@Gio even as a fictitious cook, I believe you can still offer valuable insights here. Kuja saidia

Natambua jiko okoa, natumia ile home science nilifundishwa kubake cake nayo

Hii swali umeuliza mara mingi sana

Find a good cook wachana na cooker. The most a kunguru will achieve with that cooker ni ku-warm maji ya kunywa ili a-burn fat.

a gud 4 burner ariston is around 75k kshs.

Na aongeze ndimu and cinnamon

I as well wanted to advise the same,a good four or six burner Ariston always range btw kshs.75k and legs.90k but if you tell this to a small person within they assume you’re talking hot air…
So sometimes you just bypass the posts…

Umesahau selfie na “my imported cooker”

@syndicate will sort you out

Jaribu pale kitchen care, mombasa road

What about beko

Chagua hapa

Thanks bro