Cooker Recommendation (Gas + Electric)

Any Recommendation for a good cooker? Budget 50K

Tulishaham apo siku izi tuko induction cookers

Chanua mimi mdau…

Si inakula stima

Hapo ndio sielewi. How different is it from a normal cooker with both gas and electric options…

Induction is cheaper than both gas and the normal electric plate.


How much electricity would I use in a month if I cook almost everyday? My 12 kg mtungi costs about 3k and lasts 5 months.

Any specific recommendation i.e value for money in terms of Performance, Durability…

I’d say they are all good but for the absolute best performance I’ve seen that in 2 burners like this: The flame burns like a jet engine compared to standing cookers which are very weak imo.

Kama unapika meals za mtu mmoja ama wawili buy induction cooker na sufuria iko na base heavy ya chuma.

Chuma gani, aluminium??

I have an induction cooker and:

  1. It is very noisy.
  2. It only works with some of my sufurias.
  3. Electricity costs more than gas
  4. It can only handle one sufuria at a time.
    I admit though, inashika moto haraka sana.

enye inaeza shikwa na magnet

So the only advantage of an induction cooker ni speed of heating…

Kwani how difficult is it for free standers to achieve the same effect?!

Wewe ni bachela. Hio mtungi niliwekea mathe kwake huwa haimalizii more than one month. Naoma simu yake najua gas imeisha. Ilibidii ni liase na mtu ya gas ikiisha nampigia simu akimbize. Sijui ni kama yeye ndio huwa ana host wamama wa chama kwake.

12Kg na 1 month… Kwani anapikia village mzima!?

Githeri muhimu

Mnunulie basi a big rice cooker.