Convincing single matha

There is this single matha who has told me that “children of single mathas excel in school”.jst want villagers to gauge this statement

A chance for you to introduce excellence in your lineage…
Mungu amekuonekania.

Upus. Leta statistics, pie chart, graphs ama ni hekaya za abunwas

let her not trap you, kwanza akipea wewe io kitu pale chini u’ll be left making wrong decisions,run when you can

hard tackle :smiley:

There m8ght be some truth to that. Many single mothers are people who tried to trap a man out of their league with a pregnancy. One of the things that would push a man out of her league is smarts. If the kids take to their fathers, they might excel.

Do they A’s ?:wink:

Hiyo ni mtego,chunga isikunase

Did she care to support that thesis?

Huyo wa babymama wako anaexcel?

Picha ya huyo single mum kwanza ndo tuendele

Why cant you be the dad that steps up.

Wanking on the photo not allowed!

Then hakuna advice

Don’t know it’s jst a statement

Advice needed asap!

Wewe tuma ata screen shot ya huyo single mother sasa ukamui huyo mama ni nini shida yako

Mama amepanua mpaka nikaona duodenum, strokes are deep and threshold achieved

Ilikuwa tight ama ni loose

Tight ile ya kukaza(fictional tightness) lakina grip iko achieved