Controlling Men


Please make me understand why a Man will tell me to stop talking to my baby dady just bcz we broke up…the break up was good…we agreed it wasnt wprking for us as a couple…so everybody went their way…Now a man walks into my lofe and wants to tell me who i can talk to and who i cant?..sielewi…bcz i am a grown ass woman,i know right from wrong. Whats with the insecurities…Yoo men i feel like African men fail us…dont talk to so and so hajaolewa …mara huyu alitupwa na bwanake staki niwaone …a small promotion at work hio nyumba hailaliki …oo sasa umepata promotion ndo maana nyenyemyenye…heee wadau am begining to think marriage was not for me…are all Men like this ama i married a special breed… In this century really!!!

A woman will always default to her babydaddy when things are tough. Insecurities are due to miscommunication.

Women just want to be taken carev haya mengine ni porojo tu.

I have a question… how do women behave when a man talks to his baby mama? Nilikiona moto sana when my little flower was young.

If you don’t want baby momma or baby daddy drama marry a person who doesn’t have kids. Otherwise if you have kids marry someone who has kids like you then it can balance.

Game inaanza 0-0, hiyo ingine apanatambua.

Baby mamas and baby daddies never really fade away so if one walks into that situation you better arm yourself.

Then there is an issue of attention. You give too much attention to your kids than my kids…

BTW even some biological parents discriminate their own kids depending on the relationship they have with their kids other parents for those with different baby mama’s and dads. I came across a case where a single mom would mistreat one kid bcz of the baby daddy acrimonious relationship, lock out the kid with no food all day, while pampering the other child. A neighbor noticed and started feeding and bathing the child who was ever dirty, she did not call CPS out of fear that foster homes could be worse