Container house.

Not bad.


I thought that container houses were supposed to be cheaper, but the price tag for some of them is higher than traditional houses. So, what’s the point?

Container homes are an innovative approach to sustainable living. They not only repurpose materials but also offer an intriguing architectural style. I’ve been exploring alternative housing options lately, and that’s how I stumbled upon prefabricated house manufacturers. Their concept of quickly assembling high-quality homes is quite impressive. It’s a testament to how the housing industry is evolving to meet the demands of the modern world, isn’t it? The idea of efficient, eco-friendly, and stylish living spaces is catching on, and it’s exciting to see these options becoming more accessible.

Unfortunately this is not for Kenyan level peasants. Heri kutengeza nyumba ya mawe kimoja kimoja.

This woman got backlash from that videos , she regrets it ,but since it has more views she can’t remove it

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the main issue is whether or not she has valid points.

She has a point

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These tiny house concept is the future. Great one.

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Container homes are strong, an alternative way of building compared to our usual mawe building, they are also stylish and a lifestyle. I don’t mind having one :slight_smile:

This is the problem with many kenyans. Watu wanaamini tu nyumba za mawe. We need more openess to other forms of building.

It’s a lifestyle and unique way of building.

If you think about steel framing and glass hautawahi fikiria mawe tena. There is a steel framed building being constructed behind Ronald Ngala street, Nairobi on the Mfangano street side. (Between Ronald Ngala and Bus Station). Some real inspiration right there.