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Niko curious na hizi kampuni who dwelve into this market segment by getting white label products from China and sticking a Kenyan label to them, especially in the wireless speaker segment.
Kuna ile ya JBlessing Pace Audio which I have used and they are good and they new one by Jalango (by association or investment) , do they compete on product (audio) quality or that they are Kenyan owned, doesn`t matter they are made in China, even the high end speakers are China made.
How do they perform against established brands ama pale ni red ocean?

[ATTACH=full]351221[/ATTACH] Kes 3480



Xiaomi is 6$

Wahome is American brand

Its easy hata ukitaka yako imeandikwa digi juvenile mafwi tucker tucker ya manspal unapewa tu. Bora pesa

Nimeuliza how they perform in the market

Bado tumia sijui

They pick the particular Chinese brands because of price. At least with the established brands, you know their quality, performance and shelf-life. Those rebranded components from China have a sketchy shelf-life.

I think it’s all about what you,the company wants to sell.
Von Hotpoint have been doing this for years and they’re one of the most selling brands hapa Kenya.

Must have a huge marketing war chest to have a slice of the pie