Conspiracy on President John Pombe Magufuli death

Even if it might be a natural one it might have come from afar. I don’t know off any other country denying of corona existense and refusing to go for a lockdown,but Magufuli. I have heard of global Elites who run the world governments behind the curtains,i can’t acknowledge,but from looking from a far… and from rumours,i have seen and heard that if you disagree and disapprove their authority as a prominent person,you are likely to die from a feature unforeseeable death.Anyway this is my opinion,my point of view and it is not True or not in any way.

Probably assassinated for his pro African stance. Utapata the next person will be a big asslicker and sellout. What a shame.
Even though he envied Kenya, I liked the fact that he had the good interests of his people at heart. Unlike our greedy thieving sellout bonobos

Prepare for a female TZ prez, POT? You thought ma tei was petty,some bitchcraft is coming your way:D

Kwanza uyu Samia ndio atahangaisha iyo NWO. Iyo constitution ya Tz ifuatwe uyo mama aingie

Tusafishwe macho na mbisha zahuyo incoming president

He was assassinated by who? Have you informed TISS?


I’m a believer that (and I hate that he is gone), when it’s time to go, you gotta go.
Death is inevitable. We can’t outrun it.
But death induced by other people, that is unfair.

That mama comes from Zanzibar and not bara. Naskia kuna infighting ishaanza. The Kihika Kimani “Change the constitution” kinda stuff. Na watu wa kanda ya Ziwa wanataka VP akuwe from the region to compensate for Jontez Chrome Masolex who was from there.

Did they also kill all those ministers, MPs, state house officials and Magufuli’s friends who have died of Covid in the last few months?
His Finance minister was on TV the other day coughing, in hospital with Covid.

:D:D bwana huyu aongezwe jina ya sapphire