Consent : just so you know

Ubonycurves come for tea, nimeweka mdalasini

The cutest girls (who get it) will get the guys they want to fuck them. Discreet. No apologies. No cases. No demonstrations, no placards, no riots. But ugly and ify girls do that a lot. People with these kinds of problems are hanging out with people they dont want because the ones they really want rejected them.

Sisi wale wakupatiana uji kwa agwataa tukae wapi?

Do not go for a coffee date if you do not intend to take and drink the coffee. Showing up is sufficient consent whether you change your mind or not.

You are wrong. Consent can be withdrawn at any point, even during the first few minutes of tea/coffee or porridge drinking.

To all girls reading:
You can withdraw consent mid fuk, or simply just go and get a guy you actually care to screw, if you can hack it. Consent can be withdrawn at any point. Sure. You can take a math exam and write all the correct answers for the history exam on the answer sheet, then change your mind five minutes to end of examination. If you make crappy decisions like choice of clad, footware and mode of transport on a rainy day, you are free to change your mind after you are soaking wet and all muddy. Others are not responsible for the consequences of your stupid decisions.