Conmen wamezidi

Conmen wamezidi, I have been called or sms’d by conmen pretending to be from banks i have accounts, talking about my account being locked for this reason or that. From safaricom and being accused of registering two numbers on the same sim card. Yesterday, i got a call from a certain Kisii saying he is a regional manager of kplc and saying I have an account for a house i don’t live in (true i used to live there but relocated but never closed the account, but how did he know that?) and has huge arrears (false, i still get the bill which is paid by whoever lives there) and i risk arrest for allowing someone to use my account. He said he can remove me from the system if i send Ksh 580 to the line he was using as it’s a company line and hung up. The man was very convincing. Within a minute, he called again saying if i don’t want to be helped, shauri yangu. I was actually thinking of sending the money but at the back of my mind, something told me it could be a smooth con. What saved me was truecaller app (God bless it) which I have but don’t use as the default dialer, which listed him as “stima thug”.
What is your experiences with these smooth conmen and how and where do they get such detailed info?

Weka number yake hapa

Confidence cons are on the high due to the huge number of unemployed graduates. These guys get at least 15-20 victims daily mostly comprising of old people, general naive people, the not so educated etc but once in a while they even manage to con well learned folks just from their professionalism and good research beforehand.Someone calls you and reads out your ID No and 3 names,unaingia baridi kiasi. Such data is being leaked through buildings where you have to record your personal details before being allowed access.

I always write one detail wrong on purpose kwa hizo vitabu nje ya building. Expecially the last digit of my phone and id


Na wanapata details wapi nachukia Hawa wa ma loan na hata sio bank we have to be very carefull

you and me both. number is ALWAYS the wrong one. ID number is one or 2 digits off.

The number and Id you

The number and ID you write wrong could be someone else’s

but they can never match to provide a single identifiable individual

yes, but the numbers (id, telephone and name) would then not correspond. remember they win your confidence by calling you on your number, by your name and asking you to confirm if your ID is indeed yours.

There are others who specialize in accessing job applications in HR departments. They normally call posing as HR people from organizations saying some intern I coached some time ago gave my name as a referee. after asking some questions they then tell me they have a few more openings and if i can recommend some good former interns. I would quickly give names and would only later come to learn that it was a con game after a number of my recommendations called to say the person said good conduct and helb cert were urgently needed an asked for 10k to facilitate speedy acquisition.

I have a terrible handwriting but I make sure its purposefully unreadable when I’m filling in my info in public places

Asante Kwa kunishanura boss.

I always do this.

Some of them have insiders from the said institutions. Unakuta anajua hadi bank balance yako ama M-pesa balance yet you don’t disclose them to anyone

Some of weird habits we have…there should absolutely no reason to give out private information such as ur id number randomly. If the id is needed all they should use it to verify identity, that’s it. Shida za kuwa na people in positions who are stuck in colonial mentality.

That’s Scary

in these days of terrorism it is good people get such details.

Privacy Vs National security, always at logger heads, yet we require both

Kama hujapata the conman calling about your sick child in school then be alert !

Idea ni kuswap numbers kwa ID kiasi so that they can’t figure it out