Conmen Online - Watch out Ladies especially

So there is this guy who friend requested me sometime back on FB and he was calling himself a Prophet. I accepted the request and we have never spoken one on one. I just like his posts because he posts alot of bible stuff. So this guy , is Kenyan ,he had been living in the states and he is divorced from a white woman. With two kids.I know all this from his posts. We never chatted one on one. And I know divorcee at such a young age must have issues ,no way a woman will have multiple kids by you then divorce you when you are a decent guy. However my intuition was telling me this guy is off because he was always talking about, aask me to pray for yah. Like always tryna people in. Then all his photos are on some beach or club look alike place, like those makuti type places down at the coast . He claims to work for UNICEF though. I just knew it was just a matter of time before he tries to hustle people. I could just tell this man has no money . So soon enough he started to talk about herbs and how theyre making him young and healthy and yall I could just see how people are taking his bait. Especially women ,like how can I get some. So he was selling the said herbs for 4500 and he said he got 50 buyers in a week. See how easy it is to make money from fools online ? So ofcourse I didnt fall for it , so he slid into my DM talking about when are you going to make your order. I am like when and if I want to? So I think it was last week, he came on my DM talking about a sob story about a woman who is stuck in Naks, ati his spiritual daughter who went to meet her baby daddy in Naks then the guy switched off his phone and now the woman is stranded with an 8 month old baby. A very loooong story how she wanted to abort and he talked her out of it and I said gimme the number I wanna call her, he gave me a number to mpesa but he is like her number is off because her phone was confiscated because she slept in some motel and couldnt pay , its tiring just narrating this story so I wont go into the details. So he expected me to mpesa 5k to someone I cant even talk to then he will refund the money when he gets paid on Friday. And he kept on calling me Woman of Godin every sentence to butter me up or guilt me into sending him /whoever the money. He sent me 50 messages begging me to send him the mpesa. I blocked him. Somebody who works for UNICEF has to wait till Friday for 5k to sort out his spiritual daughter? So theres alot of people scamming people out here on the internet. I am a very compassionate person but I always listen to my gut instinct and all along I could feel he was off. Guys out here are desperate for money. They can lie about anything to get your money so you just have to trust your gut and dont believe everyone who claims to need your help.

@TrumanCapote what is your problem?

As usual there was a YouTube clip

Let it go my guy.

She needs a D to calm down,I am ready to offer it,never tried it with a psycho

Psycho girls have the best cat but also messing with a psycho girl inaweza kukuletea situation. Chaguo ni lako.

Acha uwongo mingi. To get to a point where a man asks you for money means mlichat na yeye for some time. No nigga will ask you for cash day one.

To cut a long story short, you must be really ugly to respond to DMs za watu especially pastors.

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii kuja uombee huyu dada apate bwana kabla aandike composition


Lemme copy paste the first chat-the herbs

Him: When are you doing your order

Me: will let you know when I am ready

Him: Ok. I’m flying back tomorrow but my assistant is here. Have a blessed day

Second Chat - 2 months later

Him:Hi woman of God

Me:Hi Praise God

Amen… I am in a situation, i am out of the country and a lady i know from kabazi got stuck in nakuru as she lacked means, so she gave her phone and they gave her money to book a room, what she had she used to eat n now they cannot give her phone back till she refunds the money i just got her text n tried everyone but nothing is forthcoming, i feel for her child but i would rather refund later but where i am i can do nothing much she really is in distress and i am asking help on her behalf kindly

Where is kabazi?

And what exactly happened?


Nakuru after bahati the next town is kabazi then i tjink nyahururu…

She had gone to seek the guy who gave her the baby, he switched off on her immediately she said she arrived

She didn’t have fare to go back, she needs money for food,diapers and fomula can you send her 5k , I will refund

She was in her final year in form four, thats how she got pregnant being the hope of the home the father n mother fought because of this, to date the father never talks to her but also blames the mum

She is going through rejection coz of giving birth at home…

So because of that rejection she had wanted to terminate n i had to counsel her n advised since she was an above average student she could resume n i would help with some friends

The guy promised he was going to sort all that so she had all the confidence

I think the pressure was so much that she felt so rejected that when this man called her she decided to move to go n see him probably with the hope of living together, then he switched off the phone immediately she got to tge stage rather alighted

I guess she probably thought his phone had gone off till hours went on by n the guys phone was not on

N they were in communication all through then that happened

Initially before talking to you woman of God i covered all loopholes .The person that gave her money for the room is not a hotelier and they were rude even to me and the only thing they said they need is money and nothing else

I could go on but you get the drift. I told him I wanted to call the number and talk to those people holding the girl , he told me it is off ,I asked him how will they get the money


I am distressed the last they said is i send their money and as i told you the guy was harsh but i confirmed she was there because i talked to both parties

But the lady i know her story n i trust coz its me who advised her against abortion

I have tried it now its switched off which means she wont get help from them at all


How will they receive the money if the phone is off? Are you sure this people are not criminals. Why should they switch off the phone how will they get the money if they have switched off the phone?


Her number is not off but they wont give her to answer it they will only give her to withdraw the cash coz its a shop outside the hotel

Kenyan men are desperados. You clearly do not know them theyre conmen and beggars and brokeasses claiming to work in UNICCEF go to Buyer Beware and see how they make a livelihood off conning women with sob stories. There was one ob FB who was conning women lying that his daughter burnt 90% burns mpaka aka google picha akabandika. Is this what munaita bwana? Useless boys. Open a church and pray for your fellow men to know how to work with their own hands instead of trying to con women online. Washindwe. Which bwana can men of your caliber with nothing to offer anybody make? You people are just men in the skirt,not where it matters. In the brain and in the pocket. Jiombeeni kwanza.Lubish! You wanna marry someone then you expect them to feed you,feed your 3 kids then when they sleep with their boss to feed you go kill them ,kill yourself ,kill your kids,kill,kill,kill, kill everybody. Is that what munataka kuniombea nipate? No thanks dufus. Keep your poverty to yourself dusty.

Hata hapa mtu akianza chat the first thing is to ask for money, tell you how broke they are, when will you buy them a drink,when will you take them out, their business isnt doing well, times are tough. Alafu akikuja kwa Forum anajipiga kifua I am an alfa mail my bank account is full. Munajijua I will expose you all one day.

Ungeweka screen shot.

Nashindwa na huyu mama ama ako na wallpaper anaficha fb bila screenshot hii alijiandikia na fb name ya the said diasporan so that others may not get conned

This guy has a huge following on FB. I am not malicious to spoil his name. I could have just exposed him on FB where his posse is. People here majority arent godly but what I am saying is watch out for sob stories. Whoever can be scammed by such a simplistic ruse deserves it. Personally I follow my instinct , regardless how legit something looks if it dont feel right I dont contribute or lend or whatever. I dont want to spoil his hustle then he goes out and kills himself and his kids like all these brokeasses have been doing. No. Thats not me. I am above that. Its his problem.Got nothing to do with me.

sheza shini DJ

More women scam men on social media than vice versa .Your so called advice would be better if you were telling ladies to stop conning men if hawataki shoka

Actually women scamming men online are actually Nigerian boyz

Achana na yeye atanitusi atachoka tuu. Nimemblock so wacha ajibambe. Broke dusty. I remember him saying how his girlfriends ran to buy P2 akimwaga kwa thighs. theyd rather die than have his child. Huyo ndio mtu anapeana advice about Pastors.

Thought you were gay? I think YOU need a D. More than anyone. But if you change thats good. In hell mashoga hudinywa matako na sharp objects by demons. Good thing you got out.

I am but still can dikdik you

LOL. So are you gay gay or you just let men fuck you in the arse for money?