Congratulations to the President-elect

Heko President elect Dr. Ruto.
Going forward, I shall not refer to you as JSKS.

Congrats @Kalenjin101, @Motokubwa, @Titty Twister, @spear, @SaltyLight and all Kenya Kwanza guys for fighting for your man.
We did so too but we lost and live to fight another day.
Let’s proceed together as wanakijiji.
Cheers Wadau.

Let’s be peaceful.
Any thread trying to spread any form of hate will be deleted immediately.

Congratulations to the fifth. I hope he delivers what the country expects of him

kabisa people should celebrate their mistakes in peace especially for me as a Kenyan who did not vote

Tuwekewe ile video ya Yule jamma, anangoa picha ya Babu Kwa Gari akimwambia ‘president wetu ni Ruto’.

Congratulations to UDA, would have really liked to be in Eldoret at the moment.

Cc @johnpombe

Ahsante Mod, that was a close one! Tulikutana kwa debe na amani wadau. Now it’s back to work

Have mercy, leave him alone.
He may be Unemployed in a few weeks.

I support

But i love his courage and tireless dedication. He is an extremely good salesman. Kudos

Fellow Kenyans don’t sarcastically celebrate your candidate to make your opponents feel they lost… for your info politics ends once they assume power and they become leaders to ALL… their policies affect BOTH divides… the real celebration should come at the end of their term when they have fulfilled all their promises… but if you celebrate now and for five years you are still in the same predicament no fees, jobs, healthcare, infrastructure, insecurity etc then we have ALL LOST…it’s not who wins but who makes Kenya a better place.

Johnpombe = @Electronics4u

Congratulations indeed!

sasa tungojee real handshake wakipeana ceremonial sword

Only idiots would celebrate electing convicted thieves to take charge of their future. Am among the 6.9m+ kenyans who voted for Azimio, for integrity and a prosperous future.

Proud to be part of such greatness…

I hope KK would be as noble if the shoe were on the other foot

Time will tell…

Next summer naeza come Nicosia we toast to a good one.

Karibu, though I’m waiting for the swearing in ndio nirudi. 2027 nitakua kwa debe

People should henceforth prepare to put his government in check. Ensure his poll pledges are all highlighted and followed up to the letter.

So…the 7.1 million who voted for WSR are idiots? Hama kenya my frend. William S Ruto is the new commander!