Congratulations To Now Sober Babu Owino...

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has issued a clarification after a clip of him admitting to abusing all sorts of drugs went viral.
In the clip that surfaced on Wednesday, June 16, the lawmaker told blogger Robert Alai that during a dark era of his life, he used cocaine, heroin and bhang among other hard drugs as a coping mechanism.
"In my life, there is nothing I haven’t consumed. I have I have consumed soft drugs, moderately soft and even the hardest of the drugs.
Bhang is a hard drug because it can bring some insanity when consumed in excess.
“I have also done cocaine, I have also done heroine. I have done different brands of alcohol but that was in my previous life.
I do accept that when you are on those drugs, a lot can happen. You can make some decisions that are impaired,” he stated.

Babu Owino and his wife Fridah Muthoni.

Hours after the clip made rounds on social media, Babu offered to put it in proper context explaining that not all was rosy in his life back then.
He explained that he was inspired to share his sobriety journey in order to show the youth not to let their past determine their future.

"Yes, I can confirm that in the past, like many young Kenyans struggling with identity, I fell victim to abuse of drugs.
I was in a dark place in my life; everything appeared rosy to the public but inside, I was struggling with my demons and my outlet was alcohol and drugs.
“I knew that there would be varied reactions to my story - “How can an MP be involved in something like that? But your life appears to be so good?
What do you struggle with compared to ordinary people?” Drugs do not distinguish between rich and poor, young and old, male or female; it can affect anybody,” explained the lawmaker. He further noted that since making the decision to stay sober, he is now celebrating one year of sobriety.
“I have been alcohol and drug free for over one year and thanks to the invaluable support of my lovely wife, my friends and the people of Embakasi East, I have managed to reclaim my story. I no longer have a secret with the devil,” he continued.

In July 2020, Owino confirmed to [I][/I] that he was celebrating six months of sobriety as part of his journey to self-recovery.


He also explained that he was fully dedicating his life to serving his people as well as spending more time with his wife and children.
“I just want to serve the people and that I will not drink alcohol again. Although, I don’t mind those who are drinking,” he assured.

He had also explained the circumstances that led him to the bottle having lived in the slum in Kisumu in a house where his mother brew chang’aa to provide food and education for him.

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Its good that the guy is now sober. However he still has to pay for destroying some ones life. Ulevi is no defence kufanyia mwenzako unyama.

Politician 3 months to elections :‘i have accepted Jesus as my lord and savior and and dedicated my life to serving kenyans’

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A Court handling the case of Felix Orinda, popularly known as DJ Evolve, was today told that the family of the DJ and Babu Owino are presently in talks to have the attempted murder case against Embakasi East MP withdraw. The prosecution told the court that DJ Evolve’s family and Babu have made “tremendous progress” in their engagements, and that there are only a few remaining documents that they are expecting in order to facilitate an out of court settlement.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino (left) and DJ Evolve hospitalised at Nairobi Hospital.

The court set the matter to be heard on July 28, 2021 where the court will give further directions on the attempted murder case.

“We are at the last stage of deliberations…we are requesting for a later date to confirm the position. We don’t have the documents as of now…we could not present our brief to the DPP,”

The MP, who is charged with the attempted murder of DJ Evolve after he shot him in the neck at B-Club in Kilimani last year January 20, is currently out on bail. The former student leader was released on January 27, on a cash bail of Ksh10 million.


In October 2020, DJ Evolve stated that the family had agreed to drop the case through his lawyer and focus on getting better.

The prosecution responded by saying that they need time to establish the motivation behind the DJ’s sudden change of tune before the charges could be withdrawn.

The Magistrate also noted that the court had not been informed whether or not compensation had been made to DJ Evolve.

At the time, DJ Evolve narrated how the case had affected his process of healing, and how he wanted to focus on recovery.

DJ Evolve was admitted and placed in the ICU at Nairobi Hospital on January 17, after his shooting at Nairobi’s B-Club.

Happy Birthday To The Great Babu Owino…

Babu Owino’s wife, Fridah Muthoni, described him as God’s sent gift, wishing him many more years as he turned a year older.
“I love you so much baby. You are God’s best gift to me. Happy birthday to the G.O.A.T, king and the best human being that I know,” she said.

A Nairobi court has acquitted Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino over hate speech charges leveled against him.
According to the ruling delivered on Thursday, November 25, Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Kenneth Cheruiyot stated that the prosecution failed to provide substantial evidence against the MP. The prosecution team had sought for Owino to be put to task for words he uttered in 2017 against President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

They termed the words as offensive and meant to bring hatred to the top office. The legislator denied three counts including subversion and incitement to violence as well as offensive conduct.

According to the charge sheet produced in court, Owino had uttered the words on September 24, 2017, at a rally in Kawangware. The prosecution stated that the words were meant to provoke an insurgence towards the President.

Owino also faced a second charge of incitement to violence and uttered words that were claimed to lead to disobedience to lawful authority.

The prosecution argued that the words were meant to bring hatred and contempt against a public officer.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

The legislator has come under fire in the past over his controversial remarks in the course of his political career.


In August 2019, Babu claimed that there would be chaos in 2022 if ODM leader Raila Odinga failed to clinch the Presidency. Various politicians blasted the MP for the remarks and condemned him for his conduct.

“Babu Owino says publicly that we should change the constitution so that Raila Odinga can become President, failure to which there will be bloodshed in 2022. I am still waiting for Raila to contradict his ODM party MP.”

“In the Rift Valley some communities are threatened with fire and brimstone if they do not vote in a certain way in 2022,” Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria stated at the time his colleague made the remarks.

Sober and Babu Owino cannot be on the same sentence.