Congratulations, Barcelona: champions of Europe!

Boring match

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The match never lived to it`s hype…final ilikua Real Madrid vs Juventus.
hii ya Jana ilikua NO:2 n NO:3 playoffs.

All players were tired after a long season. But, Juve were lucky to finish the match with 11 men.

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Kama sio Buffon, match ingeisha 5-1 ama 6-1

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game yenye nilicheki no way scoreline ingekuwa 5_1 and that was bila chiellini

Suarez, Neymar, Alves all came close. So, the guy is right.

I feel the referee killed the tempo in the match, too many unfair decisions against Juventus plus kuwanyima a clear penalty.

Ulikiwa umelala basi. Buffon pulled off 2 or 3 super saves that ordinary keepers would have let in

The ref was very lenient to Juve, they could have finished with 10 men but he didn’t want to ruin the final. You saw all those nasty tackles by marchisio, Vidal and Pogba on Iniesta, Suarez, Messi and Rakitic? And also a Juve defender handled in the box in the first half. So, each team deserved a penalty.

Buffon is still the best goalkeeper in the world IMO and Neuer comes a close second.

The ref was 100% right not to give a penalty against juventus on what you deem as a hand ball. You should know the rules of such incidents.

So what was it then? Did you even watch the match? And what do the rules say when you touch the ball with your hand inside the box?

Ha. I actually didn’t finish the game. I watched like the first 30 min and i just got bored with how the game was. Barca were dominant and Juve looked like they never had a plan on how to deal with this team. It was clear thing that barca would be the winners. Anyway, free kicks/penalties are given if a player deliberately handles the ball and not just coz the ball touches the arm. Also, the player maybe penalized if the arm was in an inappropriate place (eg when raised) coz a ref may safely assume that the player intentionally handled the ball; the reason many players fold their arms either firmly against their backs or on their front during free kicks. And this is not just being inside the box (though it’s more sensitive) It’s anywhere within the pitch the pitch.

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