After a while, we attempted to go upstairs using escalators. That very moment some people started firing at us. And it was not light gunfire!
I saw some people in combat fatigues. The only other group who would have that kind of uniform are the GSU or Anti-Stock Theft Unit. But there was no way GSU personnel would have gone in without my knowledge.
I realised these were Kenya Defence Forces soldiers. I knew that police officers, including the Flying Squad, were at the scene, but we had not been told that the military was also there. Before then, I had never seen KDF at such an operation.
I called Mr Philip Ndolo of Operations at police headquarters to confirm the identity of the men in fatigues, but I was told moments later that Mr Kimaiyo was angry at what he thought was the questioning of his orders. Mr Ndolo relayed the message back to me that we should go ahead with our mission.
The GSU officers at the front of the file were shouting “Afande tunapigwa na wale wanatupiga tunaona kama ni askari.” (Sir, we are being shot at by people who appear to be officers).
I told them to shout that we were police officers. But my voice was drowned in the sound of heightened gunfire. The next thing I heard was: “Afande nimepigwa mguu” (I have been shot in the leg).

Hii ni westgate ama?


That westigeit stuff was f…ked up

Karangi was thr worst general kenya will ever have