Well my Saturday night until now is filled with thoughts of how to tell the truth without hurting people also saving their lives and those who depend on them.
Villagers mocked me and called me a pussy Coward.
Last night while chilling with my friends chicks n dudes.A chick whom we have been friends for close to 3yrs now whispered something about her cousin sister.This coz my workmate was trying to hit on her but out of the blue she let out one of her big secrets about her.She is positive and on Arvs for a long time.
She went ahead and revealed of who among my pals who have,could have or have been scheming to lay her.
My workmate has a very young family with their first born barely a month old.
I imagined the consequences since I knew what he was up to and had to tell him the truth in the best way possible.
The question is how do I warn my pals without getting caught up in the crossfire and betrayal.
My friend who is the cousin sister to the girl asked not be caught in the same.
Looks are deceptive villagers.Share your opinion before its too late.

Fisi ni fisi hata ukimchanua ataepuka huu mtego lakini the next one itampata, will you always have status info of the next girl your pal will be scoring, just tell them to change their habits.


Sioni shida hapoā€¦I hope your friend is a member of team dry fryā€¦achape vituā€¦aende test the next day apate yuko negativeā€¦he feels guilty for like 3 monthsā€¦repents like crazyā€¦aende test tensā€¦apate yuko negativeā€¦then life goes back to normalā€¦then he waits for the next prey


I find it stupid discussing other peopleā€™s status. Wewe unajua hali yako? Unajua hali yake? AMA ya cousin?

Thatā€™s shit that doesnā€™t concern you.

Nkt! Who is your cousinā€™s sister? Si yeye ni cousin tu?


What is a cousin sister?

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Ni ngumu mwanaume kupata virusi, just tell them to DFHM then waende kujipima after 3 months, trust me watajipata wako negative, mwanaume ni kujiamini

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South Africans also call their cousins ati cousin sister/brother. Guess it gives a sense of closeness. It could also deter any Fisis who would otherwise not think twice about shagging their first cousinsā€¦ kikikikiiiā€¦

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its none of your bussiness

A girl I was hitting on also disclosed her positive status, and gave me her story how she ended up positive. She trusts you enough to tell you her status which does not mean you broadcast it to the world. If she can tell you that then she is responsible enough not to intentionally infect your friends. Whatever she told you is between you and her.

Read again. The ā€˜discloserā€™ sio yeye mgonjwa.

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I am not sobber, kama si yeye amedisclose, it is tricky.

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why do you think people use protection ama your friend ni wa nyama kwa nyama. As far as he uses protection, sioni problem yeyote

Vile gecko amesema

Thank you for making them understand.

Villagers how do u start telling grown up asses to use protection if they are planning to hit on a arouses more questions.

hata hiyo ā€œprotectionā€ si 100 p c proof

Get this right.Thatā€™s how she introduced her to me sometime back.didnā€™t dig deep in to that.No one mentioned she is my cousin Sister:rolleyes:

Man you never know and remember shit happens when you least expect.

Buda,discussing???I know my status man.please the post again coz you missing some details.