conflict of interest

sometimes back this happened


milk kwa karatasi ya simiti

Brook Chieth. kitunguu ilinuka serious

Tanga tanga propaganda.

I scratch your itch, you scratch my itch. I wont be shocked oil in Darfur is in the biz. I supply milk powder, you pay by crude oil. Kenyatta family is actually smart in this one. Kunukisha kitunguu

It’s labelled milk powder not cement.
The type with a silverish lining on the inside.

What they are doing is not SMART. What they are is shameless.

State Capture. Unakunywa maziwa ya Uhuru, unakojoa kwa choo ya Uhuru, unakopa kwa bank ya Uhuru, savings zako unaweka mshwari ya Uhuru, gas unatumia ya kupikia unatumia ya Uhuru,

:D:D:D:D:D endelea na hio mentality lakini utasikia harufu ya kitunguu ikinukia

I doubt.
Most Kenyans in low income estates use illegally refilled smuggled LPG from Tz knowingly or not.

thts how it should be. but Uhuru is using parliament to seal all loopholes, aachiwe market solo, kwa budget ya last year biashara ya palm oil walikua waeke restrictions ibaki menengai ndo inacontrol market.
position yangu ni eti izo refilling points wanaita illegal ndio zinafaa.

Ati mentality.

How many brain cells does it take to award yourself a contract when you control the process?

Smart is when you, a nobody, convinces those in government to give you a tender.

Uhuru one who lead by example the family ndio wanapora KICC. Kupaka rangi cost one fuacking billion.

It’s called state capture. They have hands in all sectors of our economy. They are basically controlling our economy. For you to get a chance in the highest post you need there “blessings” otherwise you doomed to fail. DP aendelee na ndoto ya mchana

Mi blessings natambua ni za Mungu peke yake only

I was implying that karatasi ya simiti iko na 1000 ways ya kutumika

And I described to you how the one used to pack milk powder kooks like.


during kibaki time energy including gas was to be subsidized uhuruto changed this