Sasa tilump aanze kupanga mizigo.

It’s in the bag…good riddance to the shittiest president ever, hopefully he gets some jail time.

Mbona hakuna celebration? :D:D

The powers be are beyond both parties.

Maduro may have helped them lakini sasa atayarishe haga. Democracy is coming his way quick and fast.

By Friday China and Bill Gates will hopefully release the cure for corona.

Na si tuanzishe NGO ya homosexuality for financial reasons only. Juu ile pesa itakuja ni kama mfereji. Na abor.tion.

Watu wa NGO mbuzi zitachomwa this weekend mbaya.

I know.

Biden doesnt even need to “force homosexuality on us” as you claim , kenyans are already doing that for free, led by celebs. no one forced them bonobos wanaiga tu mjungu at the cost of their own culture

20th Jan tulisema. Utaingia wapi?

Nangoja dawa ya corona. Ama hamjashiba kuuwa?

What of BBI?

Hio tonaangusa asubuhi na mapema.

:D:D:D:D:D Baba is listening, mimi nikura sitapiga na sitapiga…what is baba and ouru decided to steal it, utafanya nini mofo?

Baado. Just wait until the dust settles then Obama gets appointed to be President Biden’s chief advisor

Where is your little conspiracy? We told you here you are being brainwashed! Now give us your next conspiracy theory? Tell us how somehow Trump is going to be sworn in on 20th?

Obama is running this Government, wait for an ending lectures and book selling.

We can’t wait!

Ongeza wealth distribution hapo

It is at this point that Americans said that better a goat than Trump. You have to respect the will of the people. Biden will re-unite this ailing country.