Confirmed! We have been staying in Gathecha's land which we wrongly called Kenya.

[SIZE=7]State links Kenyatta family-owned city to Sh40bn bypass[/SIZE]

The national highways agency has factored a key interchange that will connect the proposed Kenyatta family-owned Northlands City to the Eastern Bypass in the ongoing Sh40 billion upgrade of the road into a dual carriageway.
Northlands City, a mega urban development comprising of residential, industrial and commercial units, will accommodate an estimated 250,000 people working and living within its boundaries…Business Daily

Pitia Eastern Bypass, after Ruai interchange, only a few buildings then a vast land hadi Kamakis. I heard that they had to plant hizo miti za mbao on both sides of the road ndio mfungwe macho.

If only you can get an aerial view?

When will this Northland city commence ?

Is it this one?


Yap! No doubt. I heard that stretches upto hi diary farm yao na huko ndani.

But why does Google Maps show a dual carriageway when it’s a two-way traffic bypass? Naona hapa pesa ilienda kuenda.

Yeah walipanda wakati there was talk of absentee landlords

uhunye akitoka hii kazi anadive direct into private enterprise

Huko yeye ni shareholder tu, can’t be trusted run it

Mamake anataka kutuosha shamba pale Mwihoko.

Juu kabla akuwe president alikuwa maid wako umbwa ii

The land is massive as it stretches all the way from Kahawa Sukari, as you begin the ascend to Mwihoko. Not forgetting the other section that begins at Mwiki all the way. Rumour has it that the Bougainvillea trees will be sold to Kenya power. If true, it’s a billions of shillings. This family will rule forever

Ako busy accumulating wealth one might think shes 50yrs while shes on borrowed time.

the mother is biggest private individual shareholder wa Kenya Power. Conflict of interest hapo but KP will be forced to take loans izinunue


Ni kusoma hamsomangi ama shida yenyu inakuanga gani? Kazi ni xvideos na Facebook siku mzima. Haya evidence ndio hii

Mama Ngina listed top investor at Kenya Power with 2.2 million shares | Nation

It’s private land ,the government must encourage private invester.

Huko mwihoko kitambo sana niliwai fukuzwa na farasi.Maskini mimi nilikuwa nachunia ngombe nyasi.Sijawai rudi Mwihoko tena

Nyinyi ndo mlifanya waache kuajiri wakikuyu. Saai nilipata ni waluhya tupu.

Mifugo wangu wafee kukiwa na nyasi hapo,tukianza kwenda usiku until boy fulani akaumwa na nyoka tukawacha

Her shares at Kenya Power are worth peanuts though. Less than Sh10 million by today’s prices
But don’t we like a sensational story,