Mad people there. Hate in inamwagwa huko.
@uwesmake tunakuona[ATTACH=full]290226[/ATTACH]


@Juliana Nzaumi how do I join this looks interesting… link pliz

:D:D character assasination… @uwesmake na @Panyaste★ toeni rpg malize hio kijiji ya wazee

This is uncalled for. I was to join lakini juu ya hii upuzi. Wacha ikae.



:smiley: Upussss

Adibas juu chini hana bahati.

:D:D:D:D @Agwambo ashafungua roho[ATTACH=full]290238[/ATTACH]

Purple amepiga uwes uppercut[ATTACH=full]290239[/ATTACH]

Na si mko na ujinga? Anyway it’s just a matter of time before chinese bots bring that place down.

Here’s some wild imagination. Let’s say you run some forum like for example ktalk here, as the admin you’ve got access to backend data so you can match users to IPs. Now you decide to start a site called confessions which is completely “anonymous” and advertise it on your forum. Now, since you are also the admin to confessions, you got the backend data + IPs too. What would happen if you match these two? You would see the users true selves when they think they are anonymous, you would single out impersonators, etc, quite a lot of things you can do with this matched data. But I said it’s purely speculative, so hamna controversy :slight_smile:


[QUOTE="Juliana Nzaumi, post: 2636753,


Nini hizi bana

Wah! Hii site bado inaexist?! Na vile villagers were determined kuiangusha?! Bots zimekataa kuwork ana?! About the names, I think anybody can be anyone there. I saw my handle once commenting. In a grammatically awkward manner! Shitty site indeed. Let’s see how resilient they could be.

Huko hata haujoin! You just visit. Ni kama kuenda loo na kuchomoka na kusahau all the events that ensued. Their days are counted anyway. Though I must admit at some point I liked it. :stuck_out_tongue:

My thinking too. Though I honestly like the site. But it doesn’t seem to be something that will last. Poor maintenance. Not the standards of this kijiji. I dont think they would do that.