Confessions time Again!!! - Weirdest places you ever had Sex

For me,it was in an overnight bus that travels between 3 countries from 8PM mpaka 8AM the following morning somewhere in Europe.
I was around 20 and had known this crazy woman for a while and we had had a sexual affair for a few months but she was around 33 and we knew it was just that;Sex.
She had been married to a jungu which is how she had left Kenya but things had gone wrong in their relationship but being “chap chap!” she had started a few businesses including a Kiswahili school and a curio shop which is where i met her when i needed a part- time job.
Anyway,one day during our “affair” we go clubbing and then when we get back to her place anadai ati she is on her period lakini we were off our faces drunk and i remember her even showing me the ka-string that is attached to the tampon lakini juu ya ulevi na manjaa i banged her anyway;ka-string and all!
Two months down the line ananiambia ati ako na ball and me being the immature 20 year old and with factual knowledge that she was a nymphomaniac who was shagging my friend JG as well as me nikaruka hiyo ball.
Siku moja i was going to go away for a weekend in a neighbouring country that was more liberal than the country i was living in but it involved travelling through another country and on a Ferry,a journey that took all night. So niko hapo Bus-Station and i am going through Customs and stuff alafu guess who i should see on the que waiting to board the same bus? Yes! It was the lady herself and after a little conversation she opens up to me that she is actually travelling to this country to have an abortion!
I feel so guilty because deep inside i feel that i have neglected her and that i should have done more to support her ata kama i wasnt sure if the "ball" was mine ama JGs.
As we set off and get comfortable in this half empty bus,and as the guilt in me quickly turns into un-adulterated horniness,we find ourselves in the “back- bench” all alone and giggling like love-struck teenagers.
I have also carried a few cans of beer for the journey and as the night wears off and all the tired passengers fall asleep,me and this woman cant keep our hands off each other. As soon as we are sure that just the driver is awake in the bus and that nobody is watching us,i recline my sit and Sofi gets on top of me her legs open. Kidogo i undo my belt and proceed to lower my trousers and she doesnt need a cue-call to know where this is heading…
She is wearing a summer dress and as i caress her and kiss her neck i can tell she is up for it!
Intense kissing and fondling leads to a massive boner on my part and i can feel her panty soaking up from her wetness and as i release my cock from my underwear,she pulls her panties to one side and gently lowers herself onto my rock-hard cock.
She is a dirty,horny woman Sofi and she is now riding me so intensely,she doesnt care about the driver watching her head go up and down above the seat level but who cares?...... She soon cums and we both fall asleep in the same position,but not for long! We are back at it just before we have to disembark and board the ferry.... What a trip! The funniest thing was getting to our destination the next morning and a relative of mine was waiting for me at the bus station as was Sofis sister and i had to put on a straight face as we all got introduced to each other… if only they knew of our all night antics!..
I still feel bad because that was probably my baby she aborted but i guess we will never know for sure…

KTalker,please share your stories on the weirdest places you ever had “wegeje”


you never disappoint bro. good read!

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You need prayers

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Way to ruin a good story with abortion tales!

Anyway, yangu ilienda hivi.

Dame flani (X)nilimeet kwa house party and we exchanged numbers after a short convo. Later in the night, I met her friend(Y) and we sort of hit it off afterwards, whatsapp nini nini.

Now, lady number two(Y) invites me to a club that she’s opening and I eventually make my way there kitu 10 pm. Who should I find there but X(they were friends after all) kama amejaza a little black dress tighter than balloon imejazwa maji. And she wants me. Badly. So I sit next to her, warm jiggly but tight body, we make small talk but I could tell what she wanted.

Mahali tulikuwa tumekaa ni VIP hivi and the tables were dressed. So I looked her straight in the eye, took her (very soft) hand and said ‘I have something you need to see!’ Nikafungua zip, zweeee! Boxer nazo, opened up the button, Kijanamrefu. Jr ndiyo huyo akajiwekelea kwa stage. She grabbed it like she was starving and it was the 1st meal she’d seen in a week. Chini ya meza akateremka engulfed the tip in her lips and slowly akameza yote!! I’ve never had a better blowie in my life! I remember whispering ‘X, I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop!’, akaniangalia, her mouth still occupied, nodding approvingly.

Kusema ukweli, siku last hata two minutes. Shwaaaaaaaaaa! She didn’t take it out till I was dry!

P.s Najua blowjob sio sex.

P.s.s Najua hufai kupewa bj na mtu umemeet only once before. I changed :smiley:


Kabuda!!! Heshima

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Strange sex scene, si Mimi lakini. Back then when I was working in Mumias, me and a friend (R.I.P Oscar) go clubbing in Bungoma, each one of us driving his car. In the club we meet two management trainees of Mumias Sugar, fresh from University trying to have a taste of life with their first salary. Dancing kiasi, pombe, mistari, wakaingia box. Around 2.00 pm we decide to go back to Mumias as we were working the following morning, Kila mtu na dame wake.Oscar left like fifteen minutes earlier than me. Kitu 20km from Bungoma(Those who have used the road, there is a market Centre called “Kabula”), I find Oscar’s car parked off the road, thinking his car has developed a mechanical problem, I park mine and go to help. As I approach his car it becomes apparent what he is doing, curiosity drives me to confirm and indeed they were fucking. I go back and tell the other girl they had to find a place for her colleague to puke. We laughed about it the following day. How do you park your car in the middle of nowhere to DF? Thirst is real.


Kudos Kabuda. Nani ashasoma book ya Charles Mangua ‘Son of a Woman’?.


Hiyo ya ferking in the car me huskia Ni kujiletea swara. Inviting a bad omen, very soon you and your car will be involved in something nasty.

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Try kwa shamba ya ngano,nothing exciting as the wind is blowing on your ass while dry frying.


Me i took this mombasa lady to beach, one near nyali police… Talk za ufala then next thing i know am petting kanyau. She removed my burungo, carelessed it as if she had shares in the big boy and before i knew it she jumped on top. Well i was shy and i think i panicked. How can you fuck openly on the beach @4pm. Anyway before niblow, these two fucked up APs come knocking… Malizeni acheni kujificha, maliza… Cut the story short, i parted with some cash and since washacreate scene tukaona tujitoe… Incase u have been to coast, that beach imepakana na mkomani beach also directly visible from mombasa hospital. So tukienda kuexit there are cliffs and i think guardian of kanyau wasn’t yet done with me. I suggested we go the other side mayb look at the Creek. One thing i know was directing her on the cliff, and hit it from the back. I’m sure some guys in the hosi that day felt okay after the few seconds clip.


Jaribu kwa school bus during an outing when you are supposed to be on stage with the rest of the choir team unarudi shule viboko ndio zako

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I once got a handjob in a cinema(20th).

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Participated in orgies inside speeding night buses plying Kakamega to Nairobi route when Kakamega boarding schools close when I was a high skul student. Sadly girls frm primary boarding skul were also usually involved. Nkt.

:eek::eek: at-least you were both under eighteen and hope the chics were class eight lowest seven

hehehe That makes the two us…watching Prince of Persia

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There was a time when neither I nor her had a place of our own so bursting a nut normally involved very serious long term planning and logistics, pia kakitu hakakukuwa so lodging was a bit out of my grasp. One day we are in Karura forest, hapo lily lake there is a bench that is hidden from the road. It was around around six in the evening and we were actually leaving, we then notice the area was very deserted, light bulb moment! Only one mzungu walking his dog came that way, I don’t know how much he saw.


Horny momo dragged me kwa gents in a pub, doggy style ilikua total failure.

Pic related, mimi kupitia urinal holding the chic and guys wanatuangalia vibaya.

Let’s just say sitting on that particular bench was not by default, it was by design.

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@Unicorn, kuja hapa :wink:

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why did it fail?