I believe i am the only one this happens to while in church;
1.when singing is going on i tend to look at ladies dancing and come up with two groups,those that must be good in bed(dances vigorously)and those kifo cha mende type(they twist so slowly like worms)
2.safisha macho with the behinds of lady preachers. is a f**ked up society hii yetu,anyway church was good i also prayed for forgiveness and cleansing of dirty thoughts before leaving the church so judge not.

Ulienta jurj kuangalia matago ya wanawage gichana?


Gichana chunga sana chehanamu

@chriskiil you are not alone.
See what others do when they go to church.


Hata wewe si unaona ni mitoto ilichugua galamu igaanza guchora… Skam na baaga

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He he he no season is permanent as per readings. utapona

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