So yesterday I was meeting members of Thika business community(Literally) in Thika,i invited some talkers for drinks but @Nefertities and @pseudonym (the female one) wakatupa likes tu leaving me high and dry…on my way home a driver crashed into my car destroying my left head light and bumber…The driver stopped lyk 200 metres from the accident… Me with all my anger approached the guy…kumbe it was a woman driver… She dangled her brown legs and my small head told me to go back nitoe lifesaver at least I get some contacts…within minutes we were surrounded by almost 4 breakdowns (shiny eyes)…I was told ati I wait for cops to come na nipimwe alcoblow…hapo nikakua sober…went back removed the life saver and mud guard from the road nikarusha kwa gari and sped off…I don’t know what the consequences will be,but if you are out there I am sorry girl…Don’t drive at night…its tough for us to deal with you during the day…right now m nursing a serious hangover contemplating my life choices…40k damages…[ATTACH=full]130914[/ATTACH]

Given the size of that dent, kama ingekua mtu uligonga ungekua umeua ama worse angekua hospitalized with critical injuries.

This was very surgical… Hata side hakuna dent…bumper intact but broken off…

Pole sana. I saw the invite much later.

People who drink and drive are generally very selfish. They don’t think about other people. Then you took off and even now you are only thinking about the damage to your car.

he clearly states the other driver crushed into him.

Hapo ilikuwa noma…all my parts were in front of me…I was not responsible for the accident…on a normal day ningesimama…

Ok my bad Alpha_Dog. I have a thing about drink driving since I lost 2 young friends and the young dude that was driving them was jailed. How many had you consumed?

ii meffi ungepekea insurer…ooh sorry …jalopy za 3rd party pelekea scrap metal dealers…takataka

Kabuda tulia, meffi

I think I had downed 3 Williamson 750ml with a friend…hiyo machine ingechapa error… Imagine all my years I have never hit anyone…

Hii kijiji hunishangaza…I know millionaires driving small vehicles na jama akona lyk 5lorries…free investment tip,nunua shamba between o’rongai and kitengela…barabara imeanzwa kujengwa na muchina…

Osungu tingz.

Hehe…Noted…hangover issues

I came to learn something in life. Inferiority complex is real and a vvv bad condition to suffer from. The people 1st to hurl insults are the insecure ones and they are always the same characters hia. Best ignored. My neighbour back home is super loaded. Has buidings all over Nairobi, lorries, petrol stations, hardwares, huge chunks of land in different areas in Greater Kiambu, many rental properties mpaka huko Mayakos. He drives an old pickup.

Leta 20k nikuandikie abstract ya hit and ran bwana.

Be the way what are the likely consequences,coz she stopped very far, so hakuna evidence tulingongana and I haven’t reported?

If she reports before you uko kwa shida bwana failing to report an accident.Nimepunguza leta 15 k

:D:D:D:D someone is at wek. Haki nimecheka yangu yote. Bril’ Pamba. Kikikikikiki

Ni sawa tu…but I can deny being in an accident kama hakuna picha…I will fix my car by Monday afternoon and probably park it for two weeks…