Confession: Kuwatombea Mabibi

For those of you who think you can tell if your wife is cheating by checking her WhatsApp, call logs or sms, let me tell you the tricks they use.

Kunguru 1. She prefers I text her via email. Strictly email only. She also says I should NEVER call her (because she could be with her boyfriend) but she will call me.

Kunguru 2. This one I kamuad her properly 1 week to her wedding. She gave me one of the best blowjobs ever. Anyway, after the wedding, she started to disassociate away from me since I was a distraction.

Now she’s been married for 2 years with no child and suddenly she wants a re-match. After chatting on WhatsApp, she deletes our conversations.

Kunguru 3. Another married kunguru but she calls and texts me whenever she wants except early in the morning or late at night. However, her brother is my next door neighbour so she can’t come over to my place. Go figure the disclosed location.

Kunguru 4. We chat via Snapchat. She’s the one who gave me the idea. Apparently, Snapchat msgs delete themselves after you read them.

Kunguru 5. This one is a sexy waitress who lives with her boyfriend in a come we stay arrangement. Not too much security on communication. She’s one of those kungurus who tell their partners that “I’m just a friend”.

Bottom line: Ata mimi kuna time nlikuwa nachezwa nikipanga kuenda kulipa dowry. Si ati napenda kuwatombea mabibi. But most of the time, married women hit on me.

The best part about it is that I don’t even spend a dime on them. Kazi yangu sio kuwapeleka dates. If I don’t service them, somebody else will.

Yule tu siwezi guza ni bibi ya polisi, politician or well-connected mafioso.

Piga punyeto ulaze kende…mitoto ya umbwa wewe

Who asked you all this?


Mlipata platform ya kutafuta validation kweli.

hii kenya enyewe akili ni ngumu hamjawai sikia telegram secret chat na self destruction timer kwa message you dont even need her to save your number peana tu username kwisha tumiwa nudes huko

na kwa hio list ebu ongeza huezi gusa dem wa bodybuilder kama mimi… what my 102kg of pure muscle can do to you heri polisi utaenda haraka…

But pure muscle should service galdem well.Just strive and do your job well.

Hehehe kuna watu wajinga bado wanaendelea kuoa hii kenya?

:D:D:D:D I see a lot of married folks are salty in the comment section.

Hahaha, hakuna kitu huwasha kama kumangiwa wife…lakini 99% of all modern women today will cheat at some point in the union. Most do it purposely to get back at the nigga when he slips. Sad but true. Marriage is truly a mental institution.

Umeffiii thread .

I used to be like you bro. Banging away married chics until Shiru’s hubby found out and came looking for me. The psycho huzzie actually took an international flight to come find me but could not locate me as I was in Kenya at the time visiting. Shiru the wife, had a big ass that can make any guy dizzy looking at it. And she knew how to wiggle it too as she walked or danced. That’s how she got me.

The huzzy after finding out (Shiru’s best friend told him) swore to kill me…and I think he was serious ‘cause he even somehow contacted my mum …sijui alitoa wapi namba ya mathe. Dude was a psycho.
Shiru played him with many guys not just me…he didn’t accept he married a whore and she’ll never stop taking dickk from niggaz. That’s what happens when you marry a whore.
It was my fault too tho’ and honestly i later felt guilty 'cause there are many other chics, why commit adultery with pple’s wives you know what i mean? That was in summer of 2012. I swore sitawahi tena mess around with a married chic and I never have to this day. I don’t even reply their texts or chat or even meet them for coffee …tunaongea nini sasa? Staki friendships with any married chic…


Shida ya kuoa ni nini ??? Help us please .

Kwa hivyo mingi ya hizi murders za wakenya diaspora zinakuanga zimeanzia mbali hivyo…
Kuna wengine nasikia walifuatwa na mungiki hadi huko

Waah hawa mungiku wako na international hit squad and why is the head of the mungiki roaming around free?

It was a while back, maybe kedo five years. A lady and her two kids were hunted down and killed.
Mungich si unajua tu, when politicians need them they will call on them.

Sometimes mimi hukubaliana na hawa MGTOW hata kama wanakuwanga extremists. In the modern world, there is no valid reason to get married other than having children. If there was a cheap way of having children and not marrying the woman, most women would sleep hungry na maisha inaweza wachapa sana. Men should figure a way around not needing a woman to have children. Only then will they have true freedom from this marriage nonsense.

@smokin_gun too bad your monkey a$$ won’t be around to muse over what happened you after you get caught…tik tok mother-swiver.

Thats true.