Conferences and Training Seminars as centres of infidelity

I once worked In a cement firm. The company was a multinational so there was standardized training for staff all over the world. This training took the form of in-house training where peers and seniors trained you. At another level you would attend training seminars with your peers from all over Africa.

After less than a year at the firm me and 2 other colleagues were selected to go for training in Zambia. We were to be joined by colleagues from all over Anglophone Africa where the Multinational had a factory.

On the first day of the conference we were all required to introduce ourselves say a little bit about our work and ourselves. Most ladies would stand up and say their names,job titles and Marital status. Some would even say that what inspires them is their children. For a philanderer like myself this was a red line because amongst the rules we signed before going for the seminar was that we would not engage in sexual harassment. One could be sent home prematurely if he did so.

In my small mind making passes at married women was a form of sexual harassment. Moreseo these women who all professed how much they loved their families. After classes we would head to the restaurant and order drinks with fellow men as we chatted and nursed blue balls. Some daring fellows went pussy hunting in Lusaka which was some distance away from where we were staying. But not me.

Around 3 days into the conference we were doing a group assignment and finished early. As we awaited the other groups to finish and then we present to the class I chatted up a certain lady from south Africa.

Her name was Rose. We made several jokes then she asked me why most men in the conference don’t find them attractive. I tried to be diplomatic and complimented her on her figure and yellow yellow skin. She was indeed a beauty. I told her most men fear approaching married women and more so if you are rebuffed it brings guilt for the remainder of the conference.

She laughed at my comment and told me that they were wondering because in their culture it is bad if a man does not make passes at you. I asked her even if I were to make a pass at her would she unleash the goddies. She told me it would depend on how I asked.

We did our group presentations and headed to freshen up and wait for supper which was 3 hours away. I was now close to Rose and we walked together as we headed to our cottages. After escorting her to her cottage and noting the door number I went to freshen up. After bathing and changing I called her room and asked her what she was doing. She claimed she was just from the shower and was dressing up. I asked her if we could meet at the bar we chat. She said she was tired but I could go to her cottage she had some drinks. I agreed and picked some CDs from deep in my travel bag. I hoped to get lucky but south Africa Was a HIV capital.

After she welcomed me to her room I noticed she only had a Kikoi. She asked me what I would take and since she only had alcohol I opted for water. I did not even finish the bottle of water but instead ended up in bed with her. This continued until we finished the conference where she even cried on the last day.

Since then I have attended several other conferences and noted this trend. Do you guys meet the same scenario during your conferences?

What happened to Rose?
Colleagues at work is a no-go zone. In our organization, one is transferred anywhere. Imagine being in an office with the same woman you eloped with.

She was a South African and I am a Kenyan. We went separate ways after the conference

That is normal with Workshops/seminars. These are the only opportunities some people, especially ladies, get to be away from families and spouses and the drinks and relaxed mood after the official hours do not make it better

Wacha wivu

Once, when I was still in high school, we re-opened only to discover that our school had hosted some kind of religious event, lasting about two weeks. Boss, we found lots of pannies and used condoms in our dorm (they had been sleeping in 2 dorms, one for males and the other for females, apparently our dorm had hosted the males) that I kept asking my friend, “This was a religious event, correct?”

This has always been the case.I’ve bomoad a chile in almost all out of office seminars/trainings while I was still employed. Best thing was that they all knew I was married but didn’t give a fuck (gotta love them melenials)
Lakini married women for me is a no no

Your question tells me Rose broke your virginity or that was ur 1st easy lay, We are stressed animals and we utilize any moments we get for pleasure to release steam, so in the youthfull age +being somewhere Guilt will not follow U, ni vituko unatoa juu hakuna blowback, bora unacheza safe