Conference ya wamama.. tag a talker who we should sponsor for

Controversial singer Akothee and Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan are planning for a women’s conference in Mombasa next month.
The two mothers are looking forward to sharing their life experiences with fellow women.
“We’re here to show a good example of living a life after a breakdown,” Akothee told Word Is on Sunday.

“We’re not here to mould people’s lives, for we don’t know their backgrounds and the nature of their own sht. We got our sht together and that keeps us going.”

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers said the conference will have local and international speakers.
Its main goal, she said, is to “uplift women’s spirits and make them know their worth and be ready to face challenges head-on, rather than having a pity party”.

Hii ni part ya life cycle ya umalaya tu. Wakizeeka wanakua motivational speakers.

Maina Kageni na talker wawili hapa, mmoja ako kieleweke mwingine Tanga tanga.

Siwataji lakini wanajijua.

Unataka kusema ni @Motokubwa na @Kimakia?

pay money to get advice from salty single mothers… what could possibly go wrong

I hope they advise our young girls well but i think hii itakuwa kama ile slut walk ya amber rose just a bunch of bollocks.

:Dyou will be amazed by the turn out…they have got a following…of course comprising of single mothers mostly…[SIZE=2]and rejects[/SIZE]

Na ma pseudo feminists who think just by attending it will empower them.

I think the government should offer tax relief on Kenyan men on condition if you marry two women. That’s the only way to deal na singo matha issues.

That still wont make alot of men marry them.

Maybe waanze kulipa kuoa wanawake wawili.

That still wont change anything. People are seeing that marriage is not worth it anymore and they are avoiding it like a plague.

OP and @digi

As long as hii size iko, I will attend[ATTACH=full]246011[/ATTACH]

:smiley: alafu utuletee picha ya breakfast

natural sana

I have no political inclination.This is hard to say but I made a mistake in the last elections

The important thing is that you learn from your mistakes

Kama amevaa sweater ya wanyanye