condom that changes color in contact with stds

Reprive to team mafisi and dry fry


Just perfect!

So you vaa the condom, ingisha into the pussy…pump like three times and withdraw. If it hasnt changed, you remove it and keep wekeleaing? and if it has changed colour you do what? keep dinyaing, coz after all, you have a condom on??:confused::confused:


I think they should have made a condom that dissolves if there are no STIs detected after penetration. So you start off then it naturally becomes a dry fry session. (im patenting that idea!) and those would be the only kind i use on you @Female Perspective :rolleyes:


The color changes depending on the sti detected. Kisonono is blue. Kaswende is yellow. AIDS is red.


You need to think this through if we, note we are to make money…am thinking it dissolves into some liquid candy or chocolate ganache so that immediately you go down on me & lick my clit till kingdom come!

Or perhaps turns into some kind of edible lube…

My cum/wetness is edible as is!

I bet it is! now its only to sample it :wink:

Ha, maybe ni wale madame wakitoa panty inafichwa promptly chini ya pillow before you detect the stink.


And if you have the three plus syphillis inakua rainbow :stuck_out_tongue:



Problem is, you’d never know if that chick has replaced your condoms with dissolving ones. Pregnancy pap.

The resulting liquid/lube will also be a spermicide!


‘…Called the S.T.EYE, the project was the creation of Daanyaal Ali, 14, Muaz Nawaz, 13 and Chirag Shah, 14.’
Phewx! Dunia ilipasuka mahali

Is it even possible to detect all STIs at one go?

how about pregnancy utapata she has pumped herself with fertility pills, hata uki mkiss she gets paged

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wot if it mulfunctions utajuaje is there like quality test/control lol

@Female Perspective is a male, not unless you want to kamua mkia yake

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