Condom Distribution Factsheet

The demand for condoms in Kenya is estimated at 380 million. But the supply is short by about 150 million. The largest percentage of condoms in the market are given free of charge however, 40-60% of them go to waste.

This factsheet helps you explore the opportunity in condom distribution. That is being a specialist condom wholesaler selling to bars, shops, lodgings, hawkers, and such, who then resell to the end consumers. You get the condoms from the various enterprises that import them.

A number of entrepreneurs are already specializing in condom wholesale; some in a very basic form and others slightly advanced. But how do you get it? How is the market? How can you possibly make ?

The Factsheet contains :

[li]Background[/li][li]Why now?[/li][li]Caution[/li][li]No.of sexual activities[/li][li]Condom consumption figures[/li][li]Classification [/li][li]Trends[/li][li]Demand triggers[/li][li]Demand curtailers[/li][li]Delighters?[/li][li]What to expect[/li][li]Room for innovation[/li][li]Lowest barrier[/li][li]Highest barrier[/li][li]Highest demand[/li][li]Lowest demand[/li][li]Frequency of use[/li][li]Scalability[/li][li]Switching costs[/li][li]Loyalty[/li][li]Differentiation[/li][li]Risks[/li][li]Why it could work[/li][li]Why it could fail[/li][li]Market entry[/li][li]Resistance[/li][li]Cross-selling[/li][li]Business outlook[/li][li]Key Activities[/li][li]Resources Required[/li][li]Process[/li][li]Market Entry[/li][li]Case study - Basic[/li][li]Price: Condom Company - Wholesaler[/li][li]Price: Wholesaler - Retailer[/li][li]Case Study: Bar, Lodging, Shops[/li][li]Monthly Sales[/li][li]Expenses[/li][li]Gross profit[/li][li]Net profit [/li][li]Revenue scenarios[/li][li]much more.[/li][/ul]

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@Thirimaii @kanguthu @tyler123 @cheekbusta are these observations correct?

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