Con-Man Mjinga

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Wale mafala wa kamiti, sijui niendelee aje from here, jamaa ako mteja the whole day. the day you reply, you will get a true caller notification of Charles Mwangi searched your no.

wakiamka kabla waende manual labor

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These people use premium numbers . You might want to check and confirm how much it is costing you to respond

hehehe, that never occured to me, wacha nitaangalia next time, but I thought premium nos. have a different format from the normal 07xxxxxx

Twangapepeta achunge sana.

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Boss, you are cat fishing a criminal? Never thought I’d see the day…

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I’ve received two from Canadians workinv with an NGO in lokichoggio looking for a soulmate hopefully to lead to marriage

Eti mjinga na kuna talker alikuwa conned 100k juzi na same person. Its just thst wewe ndio hujaangukia mtego

What do you mean old monkey?

is there a place ina webcam tunaweza tuma hii mwizi ndio tujue vile inakaa. Ideas please

Nani huyo nimcheke, hizi cons za kitambo bado watu wanameza

wote ni wazungu wanafanya job na MGO kubwa ndio ma dem wameze kuna mulla

yep, hiyo jina Mureithi ilibamba

its the only way to the save stupid people who may fall for this

kwani @Twangapepeta ni con man

its a thrill, wacha tuone kama ukweli wako na kamzungu to try pull this off

unless wewe ulilelewa serengeti such guys cannot fool you with this sms. small details give them away. mzungu working for usaid knows its is not an N.G.O (the dots kwanza nobody puts them in NGO). look at prepositions carefully that is always the blackspot for guys without advancee knowledge of Eng. actually all non-native speakers always get chengwad by osungu at preposition (hii ndio eighteen ya engrich)

ati “please reply me”, na mtu anaamini ni odiero wa America native speaker and graduate. Nkt! ukienjoyika you deserve it

Hii ‘18’ huwaga nini? Sijawahi jua.

18 yard line in football, CR7 has earned several oscars inside there