Con Alert Be ware


So wamefika tampering with NTSA records? SMH

imagine its that bad

He drove the car for a year without in possession of the log book?

we look for short ways of making kills

I think he was not rigorous enough in ensuring the loopholes are sealed. He did not do proper checks And bullet proof paper work

Lost two cars aje? Halafu he drove off the bazaar without an agreement and a logbook? He was too casual

@Poor Millionnaire apana like threads za wasito kama hiiiii , hatutaki masikini hapa brareee

He traded in his axio for this other car. So he lost both the axio and now his ‘new’ car. Alcohol has been proven to kill brain cells, kunywa maziwa

He can’t have lost two cars, because he didn’t own two cars to begin with. He only lost his car (Toyota Axio) plus whatever amount he added during trade in. Pole kwake lakini.

I see your point, but it’s not like he had two at any given point. Ni gari moja na pesa hio ya top up tu


Ango he’s liking because he’s already a poor millionaire. It’s a thread for them tafuta za birrionaire:D:D:D

Tako yako ni tamu daddy…

kwai huku ktalk mashoga wamejaa aje. inanishangaza sana

Daft argument. Concede and move on. He neither has his Axio nor the Jetta.

And foolish…

ION I might be knowing this muraya guy

Probably due to excitement.
Maybe the deal was on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and the dude urgently wanted to drive off and go and impress his friends with his new acquisition.

He opted to forego crucial steps in his quest to take ngaofriend Naivasha akajua hajui. Naye Muraya may have thought he will remit the money later and ended up using a huge chunk weekend ikabidi aende missing

Alafu he even thinks a car is an asset. No wonder he is in such situation