computer science i.t projects

anyone with a link or connection to such please…

Wacha nikuitie @Sambamba . He operates a million dollar startup that employs 200 Kenyans and that Zuckerberg visited during his last trip to Kenya. He operates right from his apartment building in Valley Arcade Nairobi where he has a server farm that offers cloud computing services to the top 3 ICT companies in Kenya including Safaricom.

Amazon wants to buy that server farm for $6 billion making @Sambamba the richest man in Africa.

@Sambamba also owns brew bistro and two malls and hopes to run for Nairobi governor in 2022.

@Sambamba is a senior bachelor although he is rumoured to have impregnated both Uhuru and Ruto’s daughters. With triplets each.

Iko…Very dope one. Tupatane nyuma ya tent

Thanks for the heads up… Atume cv na his gibhub profile to [email protected]

Not to offend, but if you must talk about @Sambamba you must go the whole mile:

This is the man in whose spit the COVID vaccine is fashioned in.

He supplies of WSR’s wheelbarrows

Baptized Kanyari, and trapped the Inkalimeva…

Hayo tu kwa sasa

And not in the conventional way. Rumor has it that all he had to do was mention their names three times while facing Mount Kenya and BAM!