Compare this to the clunky low IQ garbage that is M-Pesa


Tencent’s high IQ payment solution.

1.Place your palm on the scanner.
2. Money is deducted automatically from your linked mobile wallet

Takes less than 2 seconds.

Safaricom’s low IQ payment process

1.Open phone
2.Go to Safaricom
3.Go to Mpesa
5.Go to lipa na Mpesa
Go Pay bill or buy goods
6.(Add one more step to enter account number for paybill)
7.Enter amount
8.Enter PIN
10.Wait for SMS

The whole experience takes 5 hours buana…

Usitusumbue akili please. Whats stopping you from launching a similar service that can be integrated into mpesa? Oh I forgot, you’re one of them douches that’s only good at lamenting and complaining and blaming everything else.

Alaf kumbuka hana degree banawe.
ION, Kinya is not ripe for this kind of technology.

This looks like an atm using bio. Only difference is it is linked to mobile wallet not bank. Not that guys love critiquing everything. You can praise one without criticism of the other. Mpesa you make payment anywhere even on the road or home. This one you use a machine. Also, in Kenya where thugs would just take you to a machine and take your money, I prefer mpesa.

Mpesa: *334#. Pick your choice, pay. Still foolproof than what she described, at least locally where a thief may use your hand to withdraw all you’ve got.


Nice …then people ask why Mpesa haijawahi kuwa successful anywhere else. I buy and pay for everything using apple and google pay zero transaction fee. Mpesa is clunky and expensive

Why did mpesa contactless pay fail?

You are a self hating gorilla

This is a low self-esteem rant.

MPesa iko SAMBAMBA and has served the economy very well for 16 years, even earning Kenya widespread international acclaim for financial inclusion.

I thought degree ni muhimu and it would help you to contextualize solutions. Hebu peleka your cutting edge technology to areas still with 2G/3G coverage or to the tea pickers in Kericho who have lost their palm prints and fingerprints that even KIEMS kit can’t read or the dark henna-stained palms of Lamu women.

You are a self hating negro like Uncle Ruckus of Boondocks.

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Masonko watakuwa kidnapped mikono zinakatwa.
Mara fingerprint cloning.
Mkikosana na wife na divorce is imminent she she won’t even need the courts.just a wave.
Hiyo ikifika Kenya most will prefer the bureaucratic mpesa.
In this environment your money is safer with mpesa etc

Ndingirii muhimu…:D…

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Haiwes make kenya. Watu watakatwa mikono ikatumiwe kulipia vitu. Most banking apps right now have a password for transactions. Walikuwa wametoa wakaeka fingaprint but people were getting drugged and money stolen using their fingers. It canonlt work in a country that is workimg to fight pverty, crime, and unemployment.

China is nor great because thwy export plastic toys to us. Thwy are great because most people un China have a paying job. That’s how a country begins to be great, by putting its people on a job

wueh, watu wanapea serikali digital biometrics na hawaskii kauoga?

Sawa. But don’t you think Mpesa should evolve its entire architecture? Its lengthy, tiresome and worryingly, annoying

Well, that’s a threat to us Ktalk mbirioneas

Definitely it has a feature called live finger or palm detection.

Not good for a backwater country such as Kenya. The hardware costs would overwhelm many small businesses owners unlike Mpesa which runs across 2g to 5g networks. This Chinese platform requires high speed internet connectivity.

Saa zingine don’t be so gloomy