compare and contrast, wife vs MWK photo

Here is the trending picture at Kilimani mums (usitake kujua nimeipata aje na mimi sio mom). the jilted wife is furious that MWK is sending hubby photos. she threatened to delete her own life and posted one of the mwk’s photos. someone quickly did a side by side mosaic. ungelikuwa huyu jamaa, ungekula dinner wapi sana sana. please vote (a) or (b).[ATTACH=full]8473[/ATTACH]

na uso wanafanana sana inakaa the guy is uwesmek since wote ni momo


@ekamsweu kuja mbio…kuna kazi hapa!!!

ps: looks like the same woman to me


Jeez, hiyo pot. Kwani ni siz ya Kush kanono?

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no, look closely, MWK looks much older and maturer from the face.

Hapa mimi nalala njaa kila siku!


kuna wale hupenda minofu


@Ice_Cube Huu ndio mnofu…


shida ya ‘wife’ 1. Does not smile enough 2. Anakaa missionary pekee, zero excitement for the husband.

The guy has a type! Watu wamechapachapa hivi hivi!

The things I could do to her, wacha tu

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he likes some meat to larch onto amewachia mbwa mifupa he is an animal lover


Mbisha ya the things you’d do to her?

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mwk looks lively fun to be with and adventurerous. wifey anakaa kuumia mtu pilipili 24/7 na missionary ndio zake ukimaliza urudishe miguu vile ulizipate but the dude’s taste is constant anapenda nyama f*ck the green revolution


Biased I think! Unless both are selfies…wifey could probably pull a sexier selfie with that nose stud!!

My dick is nicknamed freedom and am gonna liberate the shit out of her

Are they sisters?

Took the words right out of my mouth.
I know where i would want to go back to every evening; MWK anyday and anybody here calling these women ati ni wanono you are obviously too young. This is what girls turn to after you marry them.; …Nothing like stretch marks and cellulite to complete what is a truly beautiful African woman! …I like!!!..

was to meet my date na kufika found her friend sexier than her

Mumeharibu join yangu na hizi minofu@ purr 27,weka ile mbicha yangu trauma iishe asande madam.