Comoros vs Kenya

yaani Kimanzi went to Egypt and drew with Egypt yet akafutwa kazi. chieth mulee nyumbani failed to beat a one man less comoros for 65 minutes.

sawa wacha game ianze

Swara brarry fwakin uweskende nugu ii:D

Harambee STRESS !!!

Football isn’t our strength

Losing 2-1. Shida ya Kenya and football is that hakuna strategy yoyote.

In African football, one needs to win all games at home and try to win at least one/two games away plus avoid defeat at all costs.

This is why ata World Cup ikiwa expanded, tutahata tu.

Jareeerss cant play football


Meanwhile tukingojea euro:D

Fuck this shitty team. Kumanina zao

Si huyo mjamaa arudi tu pale patanisho?

kimanzi angeachiwa tu team aendelee kui mould

Starting eleven akijaza “Stars” wakucheza majuu and 99% ya mechi wao huketi bench, what do you expect?

kwani coaches lazima wakue wakamba?

Nani amekuuliza?

Badala ya kusupport Harambee Stress heri uende police station urarue kitabu ya OB na uwaulize kama wanauza bangi.
Smelly He goats:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii Leo ulikua Turkey kuona grand prix?

watu walishindwa ku set up football academies twenty years ago and expect instant victory whenever needed?

Wangewacha Kimanzi aendelee. Mulee ni good coach, but amekuwa off coaching for a very very loong time.

When Harambee stars players take money to fix matches we shall always lose to Somalia, Chad and South Sudan.

Kenya is a tiny country - footballwise. The pool from which our ‘stars’ are selected is very narrow. Football ni kujuana - brother was so and so, old boy wa this and that school etc gets you far in football. And even where this small pool is, the facilities are wanting and thats where politicians get votes because every election year they promise to invest then you blindly vote them in. We also have no real training for coaches. Which coach academy did mulee or others graduate? . Never put hopes in Harambee stars, you will get let down. I have said so before, we need to diversify. Why does tiny Uganda have lady chess masters? because they invested there. I once witnessed an east african chess tournament where a kampala schoolboy wiped the floor with the kenyan chess elite. Remember uganda cranes bado hulemea harambee stars, they diversified.

Comoros is a tiny tiny Island off the coast of Tz or Mozambique na kanalemea Nchi ya 50million people… fuck Harambee stars