Communicating with the dead

When I am very low and spiritually down, I seek Almighty’s renewal of strength. But there is something else I must do. Travel to shaggs and straight to my mum’s grave where I hold a discussion with her spirit. I find myself talking out all issues that are emotionally affecting me and putting me down and true to my believe, I regain my energy and always ready to face any elephant in my life.
It is that time and after church (God comes first) I will go home to recharge.
I believe I ain’t weird.
Good day Talkers and let Jesus resurrect I your hearts.

Are you sure it’s a discussion? do you hear her spirit talk to you?

So you worship your mother who is dead and pray to her and tell her all your problems instead of praying to God. Believe it or not you might be praying to demons and worshiping false spirits with the pretext that you are rendering sacred service to God

This is so wrong

Ni kumshirikisha mungu

The dead tell no tales!

Be careful when you open that gate to the spirit world . Sometimes those gates never shut and it leads to many bad things . I’m talking out of experience . Shutting that door leads to alot of intervention and prayers . Most people regret why they opened those doors to begin with. Let the resting rest . Their spirits need to calm down after a hectic life . Just saying …

You are both weird and blindly superstitious. God and dead spirits do not coexist.

no, sir, not worship; which is a show of reverence and adoration of a being or deity, but a form of meditation in which you commune with the spirit of the person who mostly was a strong pillar of your life…am i making sense?

Isn’t that some form of witchcraft? Anyway, whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

Doesn’t the bible condemn communication with spirits?

It has never been a secret muranga people are deeply superstitious.

Anyway whatever floats ones boat should be none of our business

@Liberty you seriously agree na Yule Mzee wa kizungu mingi???

Unajua Dini kweli???

Death is a delicate subject, and none of us knows much about what happens after we die. In John 13: 33, Jesus says, “Where I am going you cannot come,” reinforcing the separation between this world and the next.

At the same time, He reassures us in John 14: 2: “In my Father’s house are many rooms . . . I am going there to prepare a place” where our departed loved ones have a better, eternal home.

Realistically, this isn’t enough, and we seek ways to comfort ourselves. One means that many people use is talking to the person who just died.

Is this okay?

Yes, it is. Love doesn’t end when another person’s breath does. At a time when we’re hurting, the last thing we need is someone chastising us for talking to our lost loved one.

Using complex words won’t hide the fact that what she’s doing is actually worship, putting her hope in the so called strong pillar is idolatry.Isnt what you regard as your comfort (be it money, wealth, career) your God?

There is a verse in one of the books where God detests people who connect to spirit world either through meditation or other forms . And if or when upset he will snap the cord that ties you to that spirit world . And that’s where there is no turning back. Ninawachia hapa

It’s not chastising, just a warning. That desperation has led some to seek spirit mediums an occult rituals in hopes of hearing from the dead.

First, @Guru i hope and trust your beautiful daughter received healing from our Almighty God. Second the only spirit you are supposed to interact with is the Holy Spirit and not the spirit of the dead. I understand you might have had a very close relationship with your mother but trust me its time to allow her to rest.
The spirit of God is sufficient to uplift us to the inevitable heights.
Massive blessings my dear sister

stop being melodramatic, she didn’t mean that she worshipped her mother

@Purr_27 a.k.a …(sitaki kukuanika) kuja hapa

Thank you Sir.