Commercial Phone Charging and Vending Machine

I am looking for that sort of charge bank found in Malls where you pay twenty shillings and have your phone charge for twenty minutes. Also Interested in dispenser za soda/ snacks like the ones in the states. Any leads?

Vile magaza watatime maphone kwa hio charging machine

Hawa ndio kapenguria six

:rolleyes:Iko jamaa kwa hii kijiji akiona hii anamwaga hata bila kumbao

soda unasema ya cans ama ile home of bottomless??? ongea na watu wa kokokola

Those charging stations in malls are almost always 100% empty.
I once charged in one as a matter of emergency, and I think I paid Sh50 for one hour.
You pay by the minute.

Very few people are willing to part with that money for a few cents of electricity worth.