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laughing at the kind of comments junior received after testifying in his fathers inquiry. [ATTACH=full]127940[/ATTACH]

update avast mwanzo

What is so funny in those comments? The leading one is really pathetic.

What’s funny here or there is something i am not seeing?

Its not funny, it is actually very saaaad. Just look at Muriithi & Besh’s comments.

I once told this Regional manager that he is one of the most daft persons in this village akasema nina matharau.

@wonderful wonder do you remember telling us that you had lost a mum in Klost? If such was directed to you then or now, Would you have termed such comments as funny and laugh your ass off?


You point being what???

Mutula was not murded, Musando was murded Mutula died of other courses…

Do you see the problem I have with unfounded statements? And fake news? It is because there are some idiots who cannot decipher truth from lies, hearsay and facts.
So that jinga at the top called muriithi believes all that shit yet it’s just something that he heard and has never bothered to confirm.
It’s just that it fits into a narrative that sounds good to him.
No one realizes how bad fake news is until you become a victim. I don’t understand what’s funny about all this.

Please Stop justifying Bullshit, are you Jensen Oduor? Stop your gloating becoz he is in a differnt political divide.

I agree

Tampered specimen of the autopsy and yet the family doctor, foreign pathologist hired by the Family were present. And the results are being released 4years later? This is a spin.

Do you have problem with comprehension?

Jipe shughuli Mzee.

regional manager wa Pubic region

boss,read this article and decide who is the king of fake news.

Democracy gives everybody a microphone to air his shit whenever he feels like. Politics is dirty i tell you, you end up not being sure who to believe.

mutula died of “high blood pressure”…and it is well captured by those who handled his body

buda, tuliza mzee…the man died of viagra, and it well captured by doctors and pathologist who handled his case.


I am reacting to an article by his son who claims his father death was murder. A well planned one.