Comic relief - Trying to relocate your work office after a very long weekend

CC/ All employed ktalkers.

Swearing in ni lini Mkuki

That’s the billion shillings question. Let IEBC finish it’s work or give the way forward.

This time round after Iebc declaring, you should not wait for the 7 days waiting for NRM to go to court like last time, swear immediately

I can smell another holiday coming…holidays are coming… who remembers that tagline?

I want to say the same thing but the law has to be followed.

Hehehe, ogopa registrar na backdating, if we go this shit again it will be tasking

The swearing in date and time is grounded in làw to ensure the ceremony is as dignified as it should be. The prez should not run to be sworn like a scaredy cat.

Kibaki did. Running from the same man…


No use of being told that the required process was not followed…

I was alive when we had 2 working days, and a 5 day holiday in one week. I’m at work and trying to focus. Fab day talkers

This office people!!! ( newest way to discriminate)
We have been working all week
-speaking for the business community

i don’t know where you would place some of us who work 24/7 coz even when you leave office at five you still have that problem about a situation affecting a client to think about and find a solution to.

Been up since 5 lakini niko na uvivu wa kutoka kwa kitanda.

afande punguza ulevi

Hehe kuna pesa wapi, finally in cbd, baridi nayo.