Comedy Series k-talkers? nadai!

Ive been watching alot of horror and action/thrillers i think they’ve fucked up my subconscious. All i think about is death na kumadana.
-please mnijenge comedies and other rib crackers.
-other orgasmic comedies making ma day are;

  1. Silicon valley
  2. Mixology
  3. Its always sunny in philadelphia
  4. how i met your mother
  5. the league
    7… add
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Big bang theory

Modern Family


Last man

Brain games :slight_smile:

that should changamsha your mind

#mariachi, big bang nimemada i think it over as their aint new episodes

#purr27… iyo pia nimemada; that gay couople are my fav, totally clueless about raising their adopted kid
#supu, “the following” sio comedy; ama kuna ingine imetoka?

thanks #ronga & #highschooler hizo sijaona lemmi check em out

this site called how reliable is it for rating movies nd tv shows?
-sorry for the typos; hii keyboard inaleta shida.

Arrested development
Wars at home

i have gone back to watching old comedies. currently am doing Martin. this was from around the early 90’s. Next am going to My wife and Kids, then Cutz.

i meant am following the listing…you could however try ‘how to get away with murder’…

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@pamba___ hahaha! arrested development pia iko juu; the bluth company na family drama is hilarious, acha nisake wars at home hiyo
@dabu, ati series za early 90’s ? uko kwote? umemada zote za 2000’s ??
#supu don, ok hehe english ilikuja na meli, how to get away with murder ive completed and waiting for new episodes; its a good drama though!

niiice am watching friends…still in love with it.

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Sarted Malcom in the middle afresh very funny

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Family Matters has a whole new perspective right now

[li]gary unmarried, are we there yet, 2 and 1/2 men…[/li][/ul]

wasted years? iyo pia ni comedy hah!

i wish i could get ally Mcbeal…

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Old ni kama:
[li]Fwalty Towers[/li][li]Mind your language[/li][li]The last of the summer wine…[/li][/ul]

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