College fees balance

Hi, someone somewhere graduated in 2015 but can’t pichk his degree cert due to a fee balance of about 50K. It has been very hard to get a job without it. Any sensible advice will be highly valued and appreciated. Thank you and may God bless you.

which school coz some schools i know you cannot sit your exams if you owe even five bob?

Vile @gashwin ameuliza tu, kindly respond to that. Unless you confusing a Secondary School with a University… Let alone the graduation story, for an institution worth/deserving of the title “University”, or one competently offering degree courses, taking exams while still having fee arrears is tricky, very tricky…

Dawa ya deni ni kulipa

He is lucky if he finished campus without clearing fees…currently they insist on zero balance before exams…

skuizi systems are set in such a way that huwezi fanya exam before paying for that unit

He was lucky he did an exam and graduated with a fee balance and even his name features in the graduation booklet.

Yaa but hata hio pesa ndo hakuna.

left egerton with an overpayment of 24k+2k caution money tried claiming the money unawekwa roundabout unazunguka unachoka.

@Mze mzima mbona uunde handle mpya kuuliza ii swali…uliza tu na ile ingine tutakuelewa

No one is helping me here

haha I also finished high school with a bal of 120k+ no campus no job but I try to hustle no one gonna help you not even cdf. so get a passport endts Dubai pata job. 50k is less you’ll pay it in less than three months I wish I was you. . I could hustle hard and pay every coin.

Take it as a loan that you are suppose to clear within one year, pay the balance in installments while looking for other jobs that don’t require a degree, thinking of paying that amount in lump sum is already a burden when are still looking for a job.